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So many questions, so little time

A topic regarding The Binding of Isaac.

This game took me over 25 times to beat. Sadly I didn't write this down. So the number is not accurate. Cries.

It was hard as a motherfucker. The thing is the difficulty only really existed in the beginning. It got easier each try. I was getting much better at controlling Isaac. Yet the gimmes were more numerous.

Unlike Demon's Souls this game gets you frustrated without decent reward. You put all of this effort into beating said game. Then the grand finale feels like a cheat.

Atlus' "Souls" powerhouses (and other games like Dead Space 1, Dragon Age: Origins on Nightmare) managed to keep you playing to upgrade and keep up with the pace of the game. It was never repetitive. You always had a new, more difficult foe. The end offered new game + and you couldn't resist continued play. You knew there was still some challenge left to your masterful fingers.

So as I sit. Having conquered mom. I wonder if this is even a good game at all. Zero interest lies in me to play with this female character. I tried for 3 seconds. It was the same shit. What's her name? Do we care?

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