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My Gaming Story: [I likedadid to cheat]

I was fascinated by video games from the start.
But there were growing phases, towards love, as I remember from the top of my head…
The first thing I recall is a game not working and the blowing of the cartridge scenario and continuous fails in starting the game up and I became sad full of wonder. Then playing NBA Jams and Mortal Kombat. Sega had a game with a guy on a wheelchair? Am I making this up? He could transform into everything, what is that game?!
Super Nintendo: Aladdin. The magic carpet ride was so much fun. An exhilarating breeze, through my hair, was what I imagined as I stood in my little ghetto baby clothes.
Gameboy up to and including Gameboy Advance (Yellow Pikachu Edition): Pokemon and Wario Land son. Epic introduction to rpg and platforming. I really played games because I enjoyed it, not just to be good at them.
N64: Goldeneye. I couldn’t even beat the campaign; all I did was play multiplayer. Clay Fighters is what reminds me that I always was intrigued by rebellion. It was a naughty game hehe. WWF wrestling with the clown that would electrocute was so tight and shit.
PS1: Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot; FF 9 with the little point capped alien; Gran Turismo; Twisted Metal multiplayer! I don’t think I was ever completely beating story-driven games at this age. I was stupid and talentless.
PS2: GTA and FF victories were 80% cheats. With Gran Turismo (I think I was 14), I convinced younger children to drive around for hours in the same match, to get me $$$, in my game. Tekken Tag is the best fighting game ever. Yeah I said it. Resident Evil 4 was my first new game +. SPORTS GAMES before they became repetitive. My friends and I would play Madden and NBA 2K nonstop during this era; becoming revengeful at each other during losses. Again, in Final Fantasy X, I was cheating my ass off. I pretended that I beat it but I used Gameshark and lied to real gamers like I really beat it. Referencing “Yeah Aaron” and “Sin was so hard.” Surprisingly I beat the airship without codes. Don’t we all remember the plane battle where you had to fight the birdie on the ledge? Fuck that nigga. I eventually used haste and got the butterflies because of the complexities that were at hand; gasping “gaming requires talent” in girly man fear. I started to take gaming seriously here for sure.
Xbox: Halo local play and legendary mode. Halo also is the only game that I ever enjoyed “Capture the flag” in. It was uniquely suspenseful. I played thousands of competitive matches, whilst over a future Harvard graduating friend’s house, before I ever bought the game/system. He was Imorta1ity, I was SeXi-MaN, Dem0x, Ziggy and finally Mr. Cheeks (our punching bag). Genma Onimusha. I didn’t cheat in this story-built game and it was awesome. I actually LOVED the sense of achievement that an honest win gave me and would never again resort to cheating.
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