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The Gift of Gaming: A voice

I didn't have much growing up but I always had a gaming console with a host of games. Every time I would get money from shoveling snow or giving my mom a solid investment pitch, I would spend it on the newest game, whatever was th...


My Gaming Story: [I likedadid to cheat]

I was fascinated by video games from the start.   But there were growing phases, towards love, as I remember from the top of my head…   The first thing I recall is a game not working and the blowing of the cartridge scenario and continuous ...


Violence: True entertainment

I've never played a game, in my life, and said it was too violent. In fact, violence is what drew me in. Super Mario was great because I was KILLING creatures and bosses, in my way. Call of Duty 1 was awesome because I could KILL people onl...


So many questions, so little time

A topic regarding The Binding of Isaac. This game took me over 25 times to beat. Sadly I didn't write this down. So the number is not accurate. Cries. It was hard as a motherfucker. The thing is the difficulty only really existed in the ...


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