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Retromans personal jukebox #7 - Pop'n music GB

On this edition of personal jukebox I look at 8-bit renditions of my fave pop n music songs with 5 picks from pop n music GB. About the game: Pop'n music was originally released in the arcades back in 1998 by legendary music game makers...


Retromans personal jukebox season 1 marathon.

As promestd weeks ago, here is season 1 of personal jukebox which ran from late 08 - early 09. I have posted it in playlist form which contains all 4 episodes in the one video. Episode guide under video Episode 1 My personal picks fr...


Plushie center DX - Marvel vs capcom 2 preview

Game: Marvel vs. capcom 2 HD System: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Developer: Capcom Release date: June 29 2009 Marvel and capcom fans rejoice marvel vs. capcom 2 is set to be released this June and we PSTripple owners were given a taste with a...


Happy B'day Gameboy - Day 2 - The ads

Day 2 of my 7 day party for the good ol gameboy. Today I take a page out of my friend flamecondors book and post some of the gameboy ads I have in my magazine collection. Again, sorry for the quality of the pictures, I have no scanner Le...


Cover showcase #1 - Nintendo mags

While digging through my retrotomb I managed to find my old nintendo magazines which got me so excited that I just had to scan them and thus cover showcase was born. On cover showcase I will post covers of all my videogame related magazines...


About retromanone of us since 6:44 AM on 04.15.2009

About me.

Name: Samuel "The Retroman" Absolom
Age: 19 (with the taste of a 30 year old man)
Sex: Robots have no gender!!!
Country: Australia
Likes: Retro games, comic books/manga, Classic horror movies, women,Anime
Dislikes:Bananas,PSP,halo, teenagers, Broken consoles & controllers.
Loves: Chad.

Currently playing:
Battle arena nitoshiden (PS1)
Various gameboy games.
Rock band 2 (360)

What started your love for gaming?
I was 3 and my parents had a sega master system which had sonic the hedgehog built in, ahh my first love. <3

WTF do you do on your blog?
I currently do two things..
1.I post reviews
2.I have this show called personal jukebox which I highlight my fave tracks from video games.

I do plan on making other shows for my blog in the near future.

Wait a min? Your 19? How can you be a retro gamer?
I believe that age has nothing to do with it and by the way I'm not that young, I still remember alot about gaming over my life, I remember running into my local Kmart and seeing rows of NES & master system games and I also remember seeing games evolve.
Man I can write a tangled up in blue like song about this.

Besides video games, what do you like?
I like tabletop games like yugioh,Dungeons & dragons, Warhammer and heroclix which I hope to do articles on.
I also like movies, heavy metal and collecting vinyl records.

What got you started on writing reviews?
It all started back in 2006 when I started watching a show called video masters TV. (check it out)
I loved how they were so honest about video games and I thought they were the wisest gamers I've seen which inspired me to review myself.
Since I started reviewing I managed to get a job on a review site called gamerau, so if it wasnt for them I wouldent have been able to experence this wonderful job.
So I would like to say thank you to the video masters tv crew for getting me into writing.


Battle arena nitoshiden - NTSCJ
Beatmania 2nd mix - NTSCJ
Capcom retro collection vol.5 Street fighter 2 - NTSCJ
Legend of mana - NTSCJ
Naruto Shinobi no sato no jin torigassen - NTSCJ
Pocket fighter - NTSCJ
Pop n music animation melody - NTSCJ
Rockman - NTSCJ
Rockman 2 - NTSCJ
Demo 1 - PAL
Official Australian playstation magazine demo vol.35 - PAL
Official Australian plastion magazine demo vol.41 - PAL
Final fantasy 6 - PAL
Front mission 3 - PAL
Megaman battle & chase - PAL
Misadventures of tronne bonn - PAL

Big black cd AKA[Vinyl}
Judas Priest - metal works 73-93
Iron Maiden - a matter of life and death
Icehouse - Man of colours
Lionel Richie - Dancing on the ceiling
Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold
Guns n Roses - Chinese democracy *Do not get*
Twisted Sister - Stay hungry
Metallica - Master of puppets
Metallica - ...And justice for all
Metallica - S&M
Metallica - Death magnetic
Motorhead - Ace of spades
Aquaman & The flash power record.

More info coming soon.