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Dark Souls: Oh, the Humanity!

You know, in retrospect, Dark Souls is pretty damn easy. Now that Iíve got your attention, let me make two things perfectly clear: the above sentence is a lie (Dark Souls is FUCKING hard), and I think that the game is brilliant. When I...


Why I Love Sony Firmware: Three Simple Reasons

Guys, I'm gonna be straight up. I love Sony firmware. In fact, Sony firmware is the reason why I prefer the PS3 to the Xbox 360. If you're too stupid to realize the edge that good firmware conveys to the PS3, I'll tell you directly: 1. L...


East vs. West: A Shameless Worship of Heroes

Another Monday, another musing - and this week, itís a big one. East, or West? This question, albeit deceptively simple, is immensely challenging. To choose means to take sides on a war, and what a war it is! It is a war of design philosoph...


Freedom: The Appeal of Modern Role-Playing Games

This is my first blog post, so go easy on me. What makes games like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect so popular and fun? Is it due to their superlative shooting mechanics? Certainly not. If one wanted to blast their way through hordes of mindles...


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Hello, world! I am a Canadian. Been gaming since I was little. I am a man of many consoles and many games. I love action-adventures, from The Legend of Zelda to Bioshock. I love RPGs on both sides of the great divide; the Shin Megami Tensei and Elder Scrolls series, to name a few. The DS is probably my favourite system of this...generation? It's filled with quirky and fun titles.

I'm also an avid connoisseur of books, movies, music, television shows, graphic novels, anime, and more. *swirls brandy*