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A Game Idea

Perhaps some of you have heard the discussion of the game 'Train'. Bold move to make a game so repellent you win by not playing it or by trying to sabotage the intended storyline plot / or "achievement" structure. I can imagine a "docume...


Scientific & Technical Awards

http://www.oscars.org/awards/scitech/index.html We as gamers and moviegoers take what we see for granted. Even the Oscars didn't show the 'Technical Awards' portion. But if you are interested - above is a link to this years awards. People...


Rumor of Firefox coming to PS3

As long as it has (at the very least) flash 9. I don't understand how it can even be considered a browser if it doesn't have flash 9. I've even gone ahead and wasted time installing yellow dog linux for PS3 on my hard drive, all to find ou...


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