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The Destructoid Community Creators

This is something very obviously not game related but it is hugely important to the Destructoid community. This community has so much talent it literally needs some form of talent liposuction just to stay alive at times. There are many forms of which this takes and I want to take a look into them all individually. Originally I planned to start this off on a totally different subject but a recent post made me change my mind. So here is part one of The Destructoid Community Creators

In this edition of this cblog I will be taking a look at the hot of the press release I KILL PXLS – Press Start. This masterpiece of electro/dance was crafted by none other than our awesome sauce creative mind – GuitarAtomik. Many of you may pass on this because it might not be your style of music but I assure you it is well worth a listen. Obviously being one of our fellow robots it is game-related as every song is named after a game or a feature of a game: My Final Fantasy, Continue? and Destructiod’s theme “It’s Time For Destructoid”. I downloaded this today and listened to it several times, it really is that good.

I like all sorts of music, currently my taste resides in the heavier aisles of the music supermarket; hardcore, metalcore, thrash and mathcore to name a few, yet this album still appeals to me. The whole thing is based on a solid and interesting rhythm section with amazing beats and bass notes. Then on top of that is a veritable orgasm of synths, samples and melodies. The icing on this musical cake has to be the vocals, now I’m not entirely sure but I think they are GuitarAtomik’s but however sings has got a great voice for this music. These songs are great for both dancing to and kicking back relaxing to.

My favourite track has to be My Final Fantasy which is filled with awesome singing, great beats and amazing chord progressions. I suggest you go download this album from his website here and give it a shot, you won’t regret it. If you do I will come round and smash your brain out with a slice of lemon, wrapped round a large gold brick!

This album is but a drop in the ocean of what GuitarAtomik creative mind has unleashed upon this community. He is also a creator of many awesomely cool t-shirts of his band and various designs. Apart from that he contributes some great ‘shops to the communitie’s various projects (most recently the Destructoid comic ). This guy is seriously talent and I think we should show our appreciation for his work just a little more often, or better yet make a donation to his band’s website to encourage him to put out more awesome songs!
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