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Confessions Of A PS3 Owner: Part 3

For the uninitiated I started this blog some weeks ago about the games that I have been playing recently on my shiny PS3. I did this because of the constant ribbing we PS3 owners get from the 360 crowd about our lack of anything to play but [email protected]! So here is edition 3 of my slightly entertaining blog!

This week has been a bit hectic for me, a lot of uni work has been due in and tests and just general going out, was in glasgow last nite to see Flood Of Red for example! However being the hardcore gamer I am I made sure to hit up my PSTriples for a good few hours this week, because of these distractions this will be shorter than normal, if only people cared enough to be disappointed!

Another game I have been playing is Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction. This is another strong game on the PSTriples, it showcases what developers can do when they push the system and work with it for so long. As you may or may not know Insomniac developed this game, the same team behind launch title Resistance: Fall Of Man. Never have I came across such abuse of colons in game titles. They have long been a major developer for the playstation brand, just over 12 years I believe and as such have a good relationship with sony, but also a great grasp of the complexities of Sony hardware. They have excelled themselves with this title it just oozes quality, from the eye popping visuals down to the basic game controls. Everything just works and creates a engrossing universe into which you are dropped. Seriously if you've ever liked platformers, own a PS3 and have a bit of spare cash pick this up, you won't regret it!

Anyways back to the drudgery of university assignments and assesment, oh yey! /sarcasm
God speed!
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