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About ravenclawone of us since 11:18 AM on 11.21.2008

Im rahul ,Im all of 24 and have been playing games since 1990 i have been gaming since mario was well a 36 year old plumber back in 1990 (well he still is but sme people refuse to grow) , i have been through hordes of good games and bad ones and loveeeeeeee gaming ,from being a pc gamer i switched to a xbox 360 because quite frankly i cant justify buying a 9800 just months after i bought a 8800gtx .my gamer tag on the xbox is rahul2711 and love first person shooters and third person shooters , never really joined the rpg band wagon (ok sorry!), apart from oblivion elder scrolls which was so long that i grew a year older just playing that game !!! and i still am at 98% achievements unlocked!! damn i hate rpgs!

i swear by crysis , call of duty , forza motorsport , GRANT THEFT AUTO etc

i got my first gaming console the sega mega drive when i was 8 years old.at that point of time ,it felt like i achieved nirvana with games like mario , contra (doesnt everyone start with contra!!) spartan etc , then i moved to the playstation 2 which blew my socks off with the graphics and games like def jam fights for new york, grant theft auto vice city and black !!(black was the defining moment i decided to get into first person shooters)and kill zone 2

after a while after playing every single game there was to be played on the ps2 i decided i need a new console and was outright dissapointed with the ps3 and its "im sony i can charge u shit loads and u cant do shit bout it " attitude, so i decided to give the box 360 a chance knowing all the rings of death and other crap bout it
what i thought was i was using xp on the pc and people were bitching bout it back in the day and now its generally favourable operating system i guess microsoft grows as a company and keeps making changes and so i got the 360

it has by far been my best decision till date and no it doesnt give u any problems whatsover , whoever says the 360 is rubbish is bollocks

keep gaming !! u know its better than drugs and u knw u rock even if people call u a noob !!