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About some game I enjoyed: Flower, Sun and Rain


If you'd asked me to explain this game in one sentence it would be:

It's like Twin Peaks, but set on a tropical island.

Cover of an original Japan-only PS2 release

But that's not everything I'd like to tell you about this game, not at all.

A bright, colorful world is combined here with a less dark story than the one in Twin Peaks, and instead of mystical stuff found in this famous series FSR has science fiction.

It truly is a shame that this beautiful, smart and at the same time insane plot is trapped in a form of an awful video game.

Cover of a Nintendo DS version of Flower, Sun and Rain

Sumio runs for his life - just kidding, he's just approaching the hotelBeware: this game features a lot, and I do mean A LOT of runningWelcome, indeedSumio is one smug fella

Yes, I hate this game: you always have to run around, while at the same time all the answers to the puzzles are found in the in-game guidebook (I know, right?). And it often seems that this game is proud of all its faults, or at least is not ashamed of them: there is a step counter, which shows as much as about 25000 steps at the end of this game (and about half of them were made through the empty road along the coast), the characters often joke about it all being a game, and a shitty one at that.

But all this, surprisingly, gives FSR its unique feeling: a (very) monotonous gameplay alongside a great story are really captivating. And I've just realised I haven't even told you a single word about the story yet.

The protagonist of FSR is Sumio Mondo, a so-called (by himself) "Searcher". He and his partner Catherine come to Lospass Island because they are hired to stop a terrorist attack on a plane.

But here's one thing: Catherine is actually a briefcase". And another: the plane is blown up anyway. And another one: time doesn't pass on Lospass Island - the day is repeating, over and over. So it isn't only Twin Peaks, it is also Groundhog Day.

You should definitely try this little gem, despite the shortcomings of its boring gameplay. Because of its memorable characters, atmosphere of universal madness and a masterfully written and greatly paced story.

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I shall be waiting with a smile at the comments section!

P. S. I can't figure out why this article is displaying wrong on mobile devices. Shit. 

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