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Random Select: Mega Man 7

Super Nintendo only Mega Man that fits with the original series, Mega Man 7, here today on Random Select!

When this game showed up at my local rental place, I was already well versed in Mega Man mythology. Mega Man was among my favorite games to play and having a fully realized sixteen bit one was just about the coolest thing ever. Especially a regular Mega Man and not a Mega Man X. Nothing against those series of Mega Man games, but the original charm of more cute robotic enemies is gone. An interesting story about the rental is that my dad returned my copy of Mega Man X for Mega Man 7 and I didn't realize it for a few days, until I tried to rent Mega Man 7 again. I think they charged us a late fee as well. Another good story is that my cousin had rented it and several of our neighborhood friends were around all of them trying to play and beat some of the levels. They might have had one boss beaten, but by the time it got to my turn I was ready to roll through the game. I remember getting them to the second set of bosses and everyone being very impressed. Interestingly, I don't think I ever beat it. I know I made it to Dr. Wily's final little UFO battle, but by that time I had exhausted all of my energy resources several times I did that. Now when I play Mega Man 7, I usually just beat all the boss robots and call it a day.

Mega Man 7 takes the series into some other directions. One of the gameboy Mega Man games introduced the store feature where you can go and buy E tanks (refills your energy) or extra lives or whatever other power ups you have available. Mega Man 7 does all this with a really nice pause menu, probably the best looking one in the regular series. Your dog Rush returns and if you can find all four letters of his name you get an awesome bonding power that lets you wear him as an armor, use a jetpack, and shoot off your arm when charged up. Just like a robot always shooting off their arms. Unlike Mega Man 6, the bonding power up is the only one available besides the regular Rush Coil (spring that lets you jump higher) and the Rush Jet (Rush dog turns into a flying surf board that you can ride). The one other rush power is the Rush Search. The dog digs up a random piece of garbage or on occasion an item that is somewhat useful, like a health power up or extra live. One other power up you can get in Mega Man 7 is Proto Man's shield. Somewhat tricky to get, you have to find Proto Man in Cloud Man and Turbo Man's levels, then fight him over in Shade Man's level. He's rather tough to get to there, as you have to fight a pumpkin mini boss and only kill the inner part of it to get to him. Once you do, you fight him there, then he gives you his shield. It deflects off bullets and is pretty darn cool.

The storyline is a lot of fun in Mega Man 7. Dr. Wily has been arrested and everything is fine, until one day he escapes from jail with the help of four of his robots he had stored away. They suddenly wake up, rescue him, and Mega Man is once again ready to stop them. Mega Man meets up with another robot named Bass who also has a robot dog named Treble. This is about where spoilers would begin, if you care about that sort of thing. On one of the final set of boss stages, you meet up with Bass who is injured and send him off back to Dr. Light (the good robot building doctor) for repairs. Surprise, Bass was created by Dr. Wily and is working for him. Save the day, etc, etc. At least that is what I assume happens. Maybe there is a plot twist in there that I've missed over. Just to shoe horn this in somewhere, there is a secret fighting mode you can access by putting in a special password. It allows you to pick Mega Man or Bass and fight it out with a friend. Just a cool one off little mini game within Mega Man 7.

Bosses this time around always felt like the last things Dr. Wily could come up with. Junk Man for example is a pile of junk. His level being a garbage dump filled with Cockroach robots and magnets. Burst Man has a partially underwater level filled with those time bombs you step on and he feels like a rather silly boss. He shoots off bombs inside of bubble balloons at you. Freeze Man is your typical ice level and ice boss. Cloud Man is a weather controlling robot whose level changes depending on how you hit the weather robots. If you freeze it snow will cover these invisible platforms or shoot it another way and rain comes out. One thing I want to point out also is that you have to beat that first four to get to the next four. In between the four sets of boss choices, you got to a museum level and fight a fat jester boss. Not anything special there, you just shoot his face off (no really) and continue to hit him until he dies. Then you're presented with four other bosses.

Turbo man is a race car with an appropriate themed level full of tires and some Flash Man style traps that can instantly kill you. His special ability is a fire wheel. Night Shade Man is a vampire robot with a gothic castle level full of zombie robots, armors, and of course bats. Spring Man has a toybox level full of springs. He throws springs at you. His arms are springs. His legs are springs. His body, springs. And even his face is a spring. And finally Slash Man has a jungle level and has a claw attack. After you beat those four you can go to the Wily Castle levels and start up all that nonsense.

One really cool thing I love about Mega Man 7 is how the bosses and levels react to different powers. For example, firing a fully charged mega buster (your regular gun) at Burst Man causes him to launch a bunch of his yellow bombs out without bubbles. In Slash Man's level you can use Turbo Man's fire power to burn the trees, which allows you to go rescue Beat the bird. If you recall from previous Mega Man games, beat pulls you up from pitfalls. Burst Man's power completely encases Cloud Man in a bubble. Use the lighting bolt on Junk Man and he goes crazy with the electrocution jumps over you throwing an easily dodgeable piece of junk. Should I continue to list off all that stuff? Some of it is pretty cool. I like how you can bounce Night Shade Man's power off a wall and it will power up and do double damage.

When I replayed Mega Man 7, which was a few weeks or days ago, I found it to be relatively easy. Maybe it was just where I had played all the Nintendo Mega Man games again as well as Mega Man 9, but Mega Man 7 just doesn't seem as hard. I don't like that you can only choose four bosses at a time. That just bothers me. I want to pick any stage I want to. If I want to fight the hardest guy first, I should be able to. I tried to play this time out of my usual order of beating the bosses. I used the charge shot and slide to really out maneuver the bosses and enemies. The bigger graphics make it easier for me to see and I have no real complaints about the game like a lot of other peoples thoughts on the game. Most people I talk to aren't fans of Mega Man 7. Even fans of Mega Man. However if you look around at the internet comics, most of them seem to use Mega Man 7's graphics at the very least as their starting template. I wonder why that is?

Mega Man 7 was followed up by the Playstation and Sega Saturn Mega Man 8 released. In 2008, Mega Man 9 was released across the three then current generation consoles. Plenty of other Mega Man spinoffs to list off that I've already listed in my other Mega Man articles. I love Mega Man games very much. Mega Man 7 holds a special place in my memories as being the only sixteen bit entry in the Mega Man series. At least the only one released in America. Rockman and Forte was released in Japan only, which when translated back to English is Mega Man and Bass. It got an American released many years later on the gameboy advance. It used some bosses from Mega Man 8, but that is an article for another day.

Did you ever play Mega Man 7?
Plenty more pictures down in the gallery!

[size9]American Box Art[/size]

European Box Art

Japanese Box Art - This picture is awesome.

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