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Old School Games: Beat Em Up Retrospective PART 4


No I play a good beat em up for some gameplay. This is exactly what a 3D beat em up should be. In fact, its more of a 2.5D game than a 3D one. Yes, there are polygonal models, but this the same beat em up formula you've come to appreciate. You and a friend beat through levels against bad guys. Jump and attack are all the control you really need.

One thing to talk about with this is its inclusion of the now popular quick time events. I'm sure you've heard of those right? A movie plays and you have to press a button that comes up on screen at the right time. In Die Hard Arcade If you press the buttons at the right time you can avoid certain fights. Screenshot's don't really do the game justice so take a look at some video.

I wouldn't say this is my favorite brawler.Out of what I've played of the playstation/saturn stuff, Die Hard Arcade is as close to a beat em up as you can find on those systems. In America and in english that is.

Dynamite Cop - Sega Dreamcast

This is the follow up to Die Hard Arcade. Lots of action, with even more faces to beat in.

Take a look for yourself!

Dreamcast games aren't nearly as tough to locate as Sega Saturn ones, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding Dynamite Cop in english and relatively cheap.

Japan Only Beat Em Ups

However, like Guardian Heroes these are some that I've not played but would really love to play. There are A TON of import only Japanese beat em ups games. I guess Japan still loved beat em ups in this time period as well. This stuff makes me wish I could read or comprehend all the moonspeak. Not that you need to know much to beat people up, but still I like to know whats going on. At the very least so [url=http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/randombullseye/the-story-lost-me-93862.phtmlthat I don't make up my own storylines.[/url] I'll point out again that this isn't all of the beat em ups released, just ones I've heard about or read about somewheres.

Enjoy some video!

Panzer Bandit - Playstation

Nekketsu Oyako - Sega Saturn

Crows - Sega Saturn

Don't forget to check out parts one, two, and three!

Part five - The modern era of beat em ups!
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