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I for one, am really proud of Anthony Burch!


Man I really busted all over Linde in this little article without even meaning to, I really am proud of the guy for doing songs in Gears of War 3 and I hope to see what he does for Airtight. He was nice enough to let me use Bonerquest as a title for dumb things, and here I am talking about how hard it was to find his songs. If anybody can locate those on youtube, please link them to me, I�m damned curious to hear them. I love Aaron Linde, I love Anthony, I love everybody on this website. I really hate to break kayfabe and say that, but not really, I do love this place. No where else can I post the same picture of a dog scooping up it's own poop over and over, somehow laughing harder every time I do that. I've tried to write about games other places, it just doesn't feel the same. This is home, and when of family does good, I want to openly say that I'm proud of them.

That�s it!
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