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E3 2010 Randombullseye Predictions, Wants, or Whatever top ten


What left me with a sour taste about the game is how the series went from such an amazing final boss to such crap in four games. X-Men Legends has an encounter with Master Mold, a gigantic super Senintal whom you fight with mere punches and kicks and your powers. It was a true battle that I loved every minute of. The second game had Apocalypse, and involved you stealing powers from several mutants to use against him. Instead of using the powers you had for the entirety of the game, you got to use a couple lackluster characters powers to beat Apocalypse. Still ok, but not great. Marvel Alliance had Doctor Doom, greatest of all villains, as the final boss. Great, except that you fight his clone Fantastic Four more than you do him. You fight them, then get a chance to do a quick time scene pressing buttons in sequence to defeat him. So you could have basically anyone defeat Doom this way, and supposedly, he had the power of the Norse god Odin when you do it. It was pretty lame, but not insulting.

What was insulting was the final boss of Marvel Alliance 2. It isn't a villain from the many foes of the Avengers or any Marvel hero team at all. You don't have an epic Kang showdown or go up against the oposing hero from the Cival War nonsense. Something that would have been interesting, imagine a game where the final boss was Iron Man or Captain America. No, you fight against an alien possessed Nick Fury. He has attacks where he turns into a giant ghost and swipes the screen with different projectiles from either side. After beating him, you can use him on your team when you start a new game. No, not regular Nick Fury with all his guns like the Punisher lawsuit-enforced reskin from Marvel Alliance. It's just a guy with the face of Nick Fury on an alien body with alien powers.

You can't see me blink and stare at notepad as I typed that last paragraph, but I did.

And that was exactly my reaction to the final boss. It was the dumbest shit ever. I would rather play a Spider-Man clone saga game where you can't figure out if you're really a clone or Ben Reiley is Ben Really. Which, strangely, I still have a feeling that he was the real Spider-man. But that is an arguement for another blog on another section of the internet. This is about how Marvel Alliance 3 needs a showdown with a huge super villain where you hit him until he dies. No stupid flip three switches then watch a movie of your character attacking, but make sure to press X then Y and then both triggers and then you've killed the boss! I want an actual boss fight in the third game.

Which is in the works, Activision just needs to confirm it publicly.


Whatever the next Mortal Kombat is, I'm hoping it will be something awesome. I didn't play the DC one, for obvious reasons, but I'm a big fan of murder and combat, two things Mortal Kombat typically does well. I liked all three of the PS2 games, especially Deception and Armageddon. Here's hoping the next one doesn't suck.

And those are my official, spelling and plothole laden previews for E3.
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