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(NVGR) Speed Racer Review

Judging from a few trailers or isolated clips, Speed Racer may appear to be a veritable cornucopia of visual delights. On closer inspection, the film relies on a very limited number of tricks and milks them beyond any conception of dry. Eve...


Guitar Hero 4: Choose Your Own Rant!

The overwhelming amount of bile that people are spewing over GH4 lately is simultaneously maddening, confounding, and hilarious. Reading through the comments on various blogs and trailers lately, I've found so many blatantly uninformed argu...


Rock Revolution: Doin' it Wrong

I have a love/hate relationship with Konami, because they make a few amazing rhythm games here and there, and then just totally fuck up all the localized versions of them. In the case of Rock Revolution, Konami doesn't seem to realize tha...


Dead Space: I'm Buying the Hype

Why does this game get me wet? I love that it tries to be a little bit of everything, taking the good parts from several closely related (sub)genres and creating a beautifully eccentric yet easily digestible mashup (Girl Talk, anyone?). How...


Too Human looks kinda dumb

I don't really understand this game. It looks like the devs tried to make a game that was equal parts Gauntlet Legends, Mass Effect, and Phantasy Star Online. Yeah, I threw up in my mouth a little too. This unholy combo is somewhat like try...


GH4 Drums: First Impressions

The design of Guitar Hero 4's drumkit has just been revealed in the latest GameInformer, which was leaked on powerglove's c-blog (


The Haze Hype Machine is Bananas

What do bananas have to do with first-person shooters, you ask? Well, nothing, if you don't count the wonderfully rendered tropical fruits in Crysis (see for five million percent of your reccomende...


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