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Sheva Alomar Is A Badass

With the recent announcement of online co-op play in Resident Evil 5, we all rejoiced with glee. In my mind, it was one of the best announcements that was unveiled at E3, but then again, there wasn't too much to write home about anyway. W...


Too Mammal Demo

Too Human is a different game from what we all expected. Maybe we did at this point, or some months before, but the previously highly-anticipated 360 game seems to be now officially crossed off that list. Where a facade of great style and...


My Roommate's Ninja Kat

Carefully hiding and scoping the scene Well I miss my old apartment or I guess living out of my parent's house, but what I truly miss is my old roommate's cat. His name is Killer and sometimes he'd piss me off a lot (ie: chewing/fucking u...


Bedstation: Top 5 Bed Games

Probably the best thing in the entire world. Am I right or what? But not every game is well suited for the relaxing and slumber that a bed protests. Some heavy action and intense games are too frantic for a tired one. I will say that I lo...


The Researcher & The Lamer

What makes us different from just a gamer? Well writting in this community is certainly a start. This topic is heavily misinterpreted by parents and nongamers. Gamers have been getting a bad rep for quite some time ever since we were even...


GTA4 Party Mode Tonight

Guys and gals, I've been playing GTA4 online a lot and while schooling little twelve year old punks all night long is heavily satisfying, I want to play with some of you guys. Last night I did such things and ranked up my character to I b...


It Is Time To Get My Own HDTV

So if you want to know my gaming deal, I basically go from two different setups continuously. One is the setup at my parents house, which is a fantastically giant HDTV. I love it and it truly brings the 360 out. The other setup is with an o...


A Lonely Metal Gear Heart

Well, I knew this would happen. When I made the choice to buy an Xbox 360, I never regreted it, I still dont. Unfortunately, I knew the one game I couldn't have was Metal Gear Solid 4. I got Grand Theft Auto 4 and Ninja Gaiden 2. They satis...


Ninja Gaiden 2 Review

As I pulled off another "obliteration technique," my mouth remained dropped. I thought to myself, "Team Ninja, you've done it again." Brutally, a poor warrior's legs were chopped off, sliced around the torso in a spinning fashion (like a sp...


About pumpyone of us since 10:48 AM on 06.30.2008

Hey, I'm Eric. I inherited the nickname "Pumpy" from never wanting to stop pumping quarters into arcade cabinets of practically any game back in the day. I've started playing games ever since my grandfather bestowed me with an NES from his brother's video rental store back in the early days. Ever since then I was hooked on glowing pixelated screens and free rentals. I grew up mainly playing SNES and it gave me a base for what I enjoy today. Although I love 2D dearly, I feel as though the newest gen systems have finally mastered 3D and recently I've been enjoying my 360 and the possibilities it has to offer. I'm not really into Halo because a man in a metal suit fighting aliens seems a bit weak in comparison say to a Resident Evil game (it's just not a game that gets me amped). I'll read game mags in practically any situation and my DS is always on the bathroom sink because when I'm not gaming, I probably wish was.

When I'm not under the influence of video games I play in a post rock band called Hadoken. Check us out! I enjoy music as much as I like playing video games. I like a wide range of music but I really enjoy math rock, 90s indie stuff, post rock and always the occasional metal outburst. I'm hungry a lot so I enjoy cooking as well. Cookies solve any problem. I'm an English/film major at Umass Amherst and it's not a bad gig.

I love:




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