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I'm still trying to get use to this whole blogging thing, I tried to show my friend's game off but got a little reamed out about it, which to your defense, makes sense. I'm trying to embed the youtube link so everyone can see it on the blo...


Why Single-Player will never die.

An EA Games President recently said that the single-player game is over (http://www.destructoid.com/ea-single-player-games-are-finished--189185.phtml), which I think is totally wrong. Sure, most of the money nowadays can be made over playin...


About prryjcksnone of us since 11:22 PM on 10.25.2010

I'm Perry Jackson and i'm trying to break into video-game writing somehow. I figure i'll post stuff and I hope everybody likes it. I appreciate all your creative criticisms.

I can't really think of a top 5 games list, but it would include SMB3, FFVII, Viewtiful Joe, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter IV (subject to change).

I hope you all think i'm cool enough to hang out with you!

twitter: prryjcksn