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The Great Escape: The Greatest RPG in a childís mind

Iím a fairly young gamer. Iím 17 and turning 18 this week. When everyone goes on about their Atari 2600 and their NES, I remember my dadís broken NES (it only plays Super Mario Bros. 3; itís very bizarre) and the system of my childhood, t...


The 10 Greatest Video Games of All Time

I know that this may seem like an attention whore of a blog, but I always wonder what people think the best games are. I donít mean their favorites, I mean the best. My favorite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey. The best movie, in my opini...


Time is money

I was on a forum about Cave Story where everyone was talking about just how amazing a game it was. Someone asked the question (I'm paraphrasing) "If I liked Cave Story what else will I like?" The community responded with various indie gam...


E for Effort: Metroid Prime

Last year, I was obsessed with Metacritic. Maybe I still am now (if you give me a game from the past year I can probably tell you what score it got.) I checked out the top ten games for GameCube and was surprised to see Metroid Prime at ...


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