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draw some stuff, post it here, then meet me at pax

Well I love art and drawing I'm doing it all the time he more stuff I learn the better I get at it. In the interest Of my game though I decided to share the work now and just draw the roughs for the sprite work. Anyways enough about that. Down to business. The characters i created have a unique look to them for those artist out there I'd like to see you draw them. Or anyone of the three main characters of your choosing. There is max with the sword. Kiki with the bow and Jack with a sickle. Whats there to gain well meet us at Pax this year and I might have something nice for you. And you can learn about the creation process for this project. I like meeting people who share the love of video games.

So please keep it clean

Take note:
8. Obviously, people can and will still find some way of sucking while abiding by these rules, so this list will continue to grow as need be. Above all, you can avoid the ban-hammer by acting responsibly, being respectful, and so on.

4. Don't flood the C-Blogs with inside jokes, one-word/one-sentence posts, and other nonsense that might be considered trolling or spamming. Put actual effort into your posts. Repeated spamming of pictures or words will likely earn you a warning from the Community Manager as well (and your blogging privileges may be suspended temporarily). The best advice on this is best summed up in a short and sweet manner: Don't be a dick

If you know how make a link to the picture.

And most importantly have Fun

P.s remember that weird picture i posted well hear is what i was really trying to draw special thanks to the new artist. Iyan Danstien.
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