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About powermattone of us since 3:11 PM on 02.08.2007

Hi! My name is Matt and I LOVE Nintendo! My first Nintendo system was the SNES. Ever since then I've been hooked on Nintendo. I was the first person to get the DS at the Midnight Nintendo DS launch party!Now, Don't get me wrong. I do love Nintendo BIG time , but I play it all. I play games any time I can. I could talk about them all day long, but I do stop before death acres.I also enjoy listening to music (music=life) ,video editing, hanging with friends watching anime,manga and miiting new poeple. ^-^
[+[_]:] Touching is Good!

P.S.Here is a link to my complete up-to-date game collection list.

I help run unofficial StreetPass groups: StreetPassIE StreetPassLA & is head of StreetPassLT (Little Tokyo)

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