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Rock Band 2 Info and Rumors

There was a lot of Rock Band news yesterday, so I figured that I would share with everyone what info I was able to gather from yesterday that may have been missed.

-There will be no music creator in RB2.
-There is possibility that we may see other genres of music in the future.
-There is a good chance that we will see online BWT in RB2.
-We will be getting Rolling Stones DLC in the future.
-HMX may be looking into the idea of teaching users how to play Rock Band songs on real instruments.
-Drain You by Nirvana was shown in the first song picture from IGN.
-RB 2 has 80+ songs that will be all master tracks
-There is a special mode for those who sing and play guitar simultaneously.
-There will be customizable instrument peripherals.
-There is a rumor that customs may make an appearance in the game. "New exciting ways to play your music library"
-Your guitarist can be left-handed.
-The Replacements may be heading to Rock Band 2.
From Pitchfork:
"...I was talking to Darren about Guitar Hero and Rock Band; we turned it down before because I thought it was stupid. I was watching my son do it - him and his buddies all play it - and I figured, "Why not? What the hell? So, they want 'Kids Don't Follow'...let'em have it". "
and here is the IGN wish list in which some of these bands were confirmed to be in
Agent Orange
The Beatles
Built to Spill
The Buzzcocks
Led Zeppelin
Modest Mouse
The Replacements (we have a match)
Just for the record, most of this information come from the IGN and AP articles.
One more thing, there is rumored feature that I heard about, but I would rather not talk about it. It may impress you and it may not but it could be provide some major lulz.

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