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Power Glove's News Brief- 3/11

Here are three news stories for today.

Do you guys remember the leaked list that was found inside of a Rock Band DLC file? The thread at Scorehero, where the list was leaked, gets an update every now and again. Well, with the release of today's DLC has lead to an interesting discovery. Two Paramore songs were found in the file. One is Crushcrushcrush, and the other one was, in fact, Misery Business. For those who are not familiar with the song, here it is.


The second story concerns the DLC that will be making an appearance in GTA 4. According to the folks at Videogaming24/7 , deliver us news that there will be downloadable content will be released for GTA 4 in 2009. Apparently, this announcement was in the same announcement for Bioshock 2. It is unconfirmed at this time which consoles, this content will be released on.

The third piece is bit dishearting. It was announced today that Guilty Gear 2 Overture has been scheduled for a United States release. For those that do not know, this is a 3-D action game and not a fighter. This is TGS footage of the game:

Good Night and Good Luck
Oh, here is a funny COD 4 video. It uses gun sounds to make a song.
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