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10 Things About the Talking Sloth who Loves You

Hooray for lists and community love!� Here goes:

1.� I'm secretly a fiction writer...

I have a published short novel, dozens and dozens of flash shorts, and every Friday I and several other friends play �Haiku Friday� on Facebook. �It all started a decade ago when I challenged myself to write a new piece of fiction every weekday for a year in order to exercise my soft, mushy brainstuffs. �Barring a few holidays and a few weeks when I couldn�t sit up due to a back injury, I did accomplish the goal.

2.� ...And those stories are usually full of death and misery.

One of my dearest friends who was a mother figure to me in many ways said to me after reading my book, �How can you write that stuff with such a sweet little face?� �In my personal life, I like to make people happy and welcome, but in my writing, I want them to feel deeply uncomfortable. �

3.� I'm obsessed with words and word games.

I used to do the NY Times crossword every Sunday when I had more free time, but cryptic crosswords are my favorite. �I also have absolutely no memories of learning how to read. �I skipped kindergarten and started first grade reading books I�d steal from my 8th grade brother�s backpack, and despised school because we spent so much time on stuff I already knew. �When I was a teen I asked my parents who taught me, and they told me they had no idea, I must have just �picked it up.� �My favorite word is nostalgia, because it comes from the Greek roots �nostos,� for home, and �algos,� for pain�so nostalgia means the pain of returning home.

4.� I come from a family of nine kids.

Catholic, not Mormon, if you�re wondering. �Because of this I learned very early on that I was not the center of the universe, which I consider a huge boon. �I also fell in love with books and videogames before I could properly hold either of them in my little hands�they were sacred retreats where my imagination could flourish when I needed to get away from the crowd of brothers and sisters who vied for my parents� attention.

5.� My celebrity doppelganger used to be Meat Loaf.

In high school I had hair down to my arse, since in my household all my older siblings listened to all butt metal, all the time, and by golly that was the appropriate uniform, and I was pretty seriously overweight. �Now at the age of 32 I�ve balanced out more, and sometimes middle-aged women tell me I look like James Spader, which makes me almost as uncomfortable.

6.� I'm a gay humanist married to a devout Christian.

I never had any plans to get married and I certainly never thought I�d end up in a relationship with a Christian, since I spent my childhood being physically and psychologically abused by sadistic nuns at school. �But life�s full of surprises. �The person I fell hopelessly in love with over 8 years ago served as the Treasurer for his church for years, and even sings in the choir. �I help my husband out during church functions all the time and once another member of the congregation asked me, �How come you never take communion?� �I answered back that I didn�t feel it would be respectful to those who hold the rite sacred, since I�m not a Christian, and she answered, �Well, you sure are nice for someone who doesn�t believe in Jesus.�

7.� My husband and I are an unstoppable force in the kitchen.

When we got together and I realized my husband was an insanely talented chef, I asked if there was anything he couldn�t cook. ��I can�t bake to save my life,� he replied. �So I decided to learn just that. �Now, baking a fresh couple of loaves of beer bread from scratch slowly, with two rises over four hours, fills the house with heavenly scents and is one of the most satisfying, zen-like experiences possible for me. �If I didn�t have to keep a day job, I�d spend probably every morning baking something and giving it away to neighbors, friends, or strangers. �My favorite things to bake all include booze of some kind, like chocolate Guinness cheesecake, or Irish Cream cr�me brulee.

8.� I'm almost as obsessed with music as I am with words.

When I was seven or eight, I heard my sister listening to a song that sparkled in my mind. �It made noises that made me feel buoyant and full of energy, and I braved the daunting border of the doorway to her bedroom to ask what that beautiful song was. �She told me it was the Cure�s �Just Like Heaven,� and from that moment on I became enchanted by the power of sound. �Now my favorite artists are Low, Xiu Xiu, Carla Bozulich, Mount Eerie, PJ Harvey, Portishead, and of course, the immortal Cure.

9.� I work in finance but I'm an imposter.

I work as the head of risk management for a mid-sized financial institution but I have no love for the industry. �I excel at it but don�t have any major career ambitions within office buildings. �To me, the good things in life are food, drink, friends, words, and music, and everything else is just a facilitator for those things.

10.� I'd much rather hear about you than talk about myself.

I hate talking about myself and being the center of attention, but I felt it wouldn�t be fair to everyone in the Dtoid community for me to be blathering on about how much I love them without letting them know a little bit who it is who�s doing the gushing. �Now, enough about me, tell me about yourself .
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