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About pokemishaone of us since 6:54 PM on 08.03.2009

Hi there. I'm Misha.
No, I'm a guy. It's a Russian thing.
NOT Mishca Barton, k?
I own a PSP slim, Nintendo DS Lite, a Wii and my cousin who lives nearby has a 360.
Honestly, I would definently say I prefer Sony over Microsoft. As for the Wii... Meh.
I like retro video games, preferably NES, SNES and Dreamcast but I have had other systems.
Genres I like, aren't really specific. I prefer old-school stuff like platformers, side-scrollers, shmups and the like.
I try to make people laugh. And I try to use correct punctuation to a degree.
Anything else, you can pretty much find out throuh my future comments.