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Walking toward the southwest coast in this seaside port city, you come upon an unmarked building blocked off by a fence, trees, and bushes, which grow right up to the sides of the building, somewhat shading it from the otherwise sunny day. The north side of the building facing you appears to have a huge garage-type door recessed in it, from floor to ceiling. Calling on your Ivysaur, it Cuts the foliage down with ease, allowing you to continue past and explore behind the building. After wading through the short barrier of trees, bushes, and getting past the side of the building, the air opens up to a small beach only a couple dozen yards south of a single door on the long, southern face of the building. Walking up to the door, there is a sign post to the left which reads:

Vermilion City POKéMON Gym
Leader: LT. SURGE
"The Lightning American"

Some of the words are crossed out - not with a writing utensil, but with thin, clean, burnt lines. You open the door, and are surprised at how dark and quiet it is inside. The interior of the building appears to be one, large industrial room, sparsely filled with barrels, with a very tall ceiling, and a door at the back (the northern side) leading to another, smaller room. There is some residual light radiating from the windows higher up near the ceiling, continuing around the perimeter of the building, but no artificial light is in use. You don't want to stay any longer than you have to - it's dark, strange, and it smells in here. Heading toward the back of this huge room, threading your way through all the scattered barrels, you see flashes coming from the northern door, from inside the smaller room. You and your Ivysaur exchange anxious glances. Reaching for the handle-ZAP! All in a split second, an electric current surges through your arm, and you recoil in shock and pain. Right as you reach for your belt, simultaneously you see a flash of light and hear a crack in the air - and suddenly you're on spread on the floor, on your face, in a confused panic. Standing back up and getting your bearings, you turn to look up and meet your attacker grinning at you. Standing erect, what appears to be a man with yellow boots, a red suit, a black set of chest and shoulder armor, topped with a black helmet which has yellow accents on it.
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