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So today I saw something that baffled me.

Today I wandered into town after school with some buddies, going to have a look at some game stores to see what they had lying around. I'm still 15 at the moment, so I always feel a pang of disappointment when I see a game I'm really interested in get slapped with a 16+ rating or an 18+ rating, because it means I'm either going to have to wait or rely on an older sibling to get it for me. So imagine how baffled I was when I was looking at some copies of Bayonetta and noticed something odd about the boxes on the shelves.

See the problem here? It's the same game, but the boxes have two different age ratings. On the same shelf. It baffled me and my friends and we pondered that, if we actually had some money left over from Christmas, could we have actually bought the game? I'm pretty sure we could've, but I'm still not entirely sure. I now know why such a thing is happening (the store is stocking UK and EU copies; the 15 rating is from the BBFC, the 18 rating is from the PEGI), but I want to know why the people running the store decided to do that (might not entirely be their fault; they could've gotten a mixed shipment or something). I'm still wondering which rating counts; does it differ depending on which box you take up to the counter?

Oh, and it's not just Bayonetta that's confusing me, either.

On an entirely unrelated note, The Last Rebellion now has a confirmed European release date! It's been effectively sent out to die, though, given that Final Fantasy XIII comes out just three days beforehand (and there's the fact that us Brits seem to be snorting up copies of Modern Warfare 2 like crackheads going into withdrawal, without any sign of stopping). I'm definitely going to get it, if only to support Nippon Ichi Software's cause (and Koei's, given that they bring over these obscure RPGs that I love so much). Couldn't have been a better time, either - my birthday's right around that time, so I'll definitely have the money for it.
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