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Handheld Review: PSP


I hated the psp a few days after I had gotten it. I'm just happy I got it for Christmas and didn't have to pay for it. This is the worst handheld ever I would rather have a Nintendo DS. Thats a lie the reason I got Psp is because DS also sucks. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy well actually wait a minute......... Okay, the Psp has way to many flaws.

First I'd like to say why does it have an internet browser? To have Wi-fi don't you have to have internet, and if you don't why would you want to use the crappiest internet browser EVER!? It's horrible every time you go to a different site it says “not enough memory go to tools and put on conserve memory” but when you do that it keeps saying it. I know the internet browser isn't the main part of the system but come on.

The games on it are good for a handheld. I mean it has really good graphics especially God of War Chains of Olympus. The bad thing is the controls are horrible. There is one analog...pad and by the way who was the smart guy who made this stupid pad on one side? On all of the third person shooters to aim you use x, square, o, and triangle. I regret ever asking for a Playstation Portable.

Don't get this handheld at all even if someone is giving it away(they're obviously giving it away for a reason). It will just piss you off because it'll just sit there getting dusty. Although the Nintendo DS isn't a prize either.
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