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Possible New C-Blog Series: Musicians Wanted!!


Hello everyone!

I'm here to propose a new series that kind of piggybacks on the (retired?) popular contest series, Artists Wanted. I know that I wasn't the only one that enjoyed the pieces of art that came from the community, and now want to extend that ideology to a bi-weekly series entitled: Musicians Wanted!.

What I hope to accomplish in running this small segment is to generate an environment where the musically inclined (and not so inclined) members of Dtoid can come together and sharpen their skills with various challenges. Every other week would welcome a new theme, idea, or event that those of us participating would have to re-create in a musical sense. We would welcome all mediums (famitracker, live recordings, FL Studio, etc) and all levels of talent. I would hope that these friendly "competitions" would allow for some really awesome music to be made, and in the process, allow our community to grow in a different way. Members of the community could vote anonymously for their favorite song or songs, and I don't know, maybe you could get a badge or something if you received the most votes. A lot of this is very tentative right now and would depend on the interest level of the community.

Perhaps this man could entice you?

... Anyway, Please comment below about whether or not this would be a neat thing. If interested, please so say in your comment, and spread the word! Even if this doesn't become a popular series, I still think it would be great to see everyone's talent!

If enough interest is generated, look for a post next Monday about the details of the first challenge!!

Please visit the forum thread if you want to discuss this idea further. Thanks for your time!
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