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10 reasons to fall in love with pk.

A few things about me. <3

1. I've got pretty blue eyes.

You heard it here first, folks. Not only was I gifted with the face of a twelve year old angel, but I also harbor the genetically ideal eye color. I've flashed these pretty blues many a time in my youth, but recently, I've been dating a really awesome girl for almost three years. Sorry, ladies. (And usedtabe)

2. My favorite game genre(s) are probably tactical rpgs / simulation games.

I'm fascinated by mathematics, and while I don't usually dive too deep into the pool of algorithms, I really appreciate the complex systems rooted in these types of games. Pokemon had really captured my heart for awhile, as there are so many combinations of party members / moves / types / items / etc., that I was enraptured with the competitive battling scene. Now, I usually find solace in optimizing teams in single player games.

3. Gaming is one of the reasons why my Brother and I are so close.

As I mentioned in one of my first blogs a few years ago, gaming has really been a common denominator for my brother and I. While we might not be together every day as we were in our youth, we still almost on a daily basic talk about what we're playing and what we're excited for. I really believe that games can bring people together in a positive way.

4. I fucking LOVE good food.

In recent years, I've really learned how to appreciate a good meal. Going out to new restaurants and sampling different types of cuisine is one of my favorite things to do nowadays. I become giddy as the weekend draws closer, as promises of tantalizing Japanese, Thai, Indian, or Italian food draws near. I recommend that everyone takes the time to treat themselves once in awhile, you deserve it!

5. Musical Instruments are fun.

I've played a variety of musical instruments in my life, and it's always something that I could go back to and lose myself in for a few hours if needed. I've played drums for ~10 years, guitar for ~5 years, and started Bass this year. I've also experimented with creating shitty chiptunes and using other programs such as FL studio.

6. I have a Straight-Edge tattoo.

It got it when I was 18. I've actually never tried an alcoholic beverage or did any type of drug in my whole life. It was just a decision I made when I was younger, but in my late teens really fell in love with the music scene around it. I'm not one of those FSU idiots though, and never will be; people just do their own thing. Eventually, I fell out of the music scene though as I realized that there were too many people at shows that liked to pretend to be the most macho guy there. Still, I enjoy a lot of the music.

7. I'm a General in the PC Master Race[sup]TM[/sup] army.

Nah, just kidding. Kind of. Well, I will say that I built my own PC last summer and have loved the hell out of it, but fighting over which console is the best is stupid (Because PC is the best, obv). I've also gotten really in the indie game scene, as a lot of those types of games come to the PC first. I think I enjoy PC gaming the most because that's where a lot of my friends are, and where I've interacted with Dtoid members the most often. I hope you pick up that I'm being sarcastic.

8. Resident Evil 4 got me really interested in science when I was younger.

I've written a C-blog about this before, but always mention it when I get that chance. Sometimes, I feel like a man-child when I mention this to people not affiliated with video-games, but it's the truth. If anything, I would argue that a lot of kids get interested in complex systems and mechanics if they play the right games. Anyway, I'm in graduate school studying Microbiology. Yoink!

9. I got a dog recently, but I've always disliked the idea of owning a pet.

It's not that I don't love them or think they're cute, it's just that I fundamentally am against raising a creature for pleasure, rather than necessity. I mean, my girlfriend does a great job of walking him, getting him healthy food, and training him in a positive way, but I feel as thought that animal domestication is icky. You see so many animals with people who don't care for them the way they should, and it makes me kind of bitter. Also, animal hair grosses me out.

10. I've really enjoyed my time at Dtoid.

I'll always have fond memories of this place. I've met some of the funniest people in my life on this website, and have had countless conversations about games and how great they are. Hanging out in the forums is always fun, and the C-blogs are for the most part interesting reads. Yeah.

10.1: I hate the C-blog editor and gave up trying to make everything right in this post.
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