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Avalanche: New Halo 3 Legendary Map Revealed

"It wouldn’t be wholly accurate to call it a “remake,” but elements of Avalanche are certainly culled from Sidewinder – it has the same familiar U-shape, multiple ways from base-to-base, and a whole sandbox full o’ vehicles to play with. But there are many, many changes too."

Full story.

So, once again, the pack is gonna run us 800 MS points. I bought the last map pack without hesitation, and will do so with this map pack as well, because I am a gigantic whore.

But this time, we have a remake (err "re-imagining") of one of the favorite Halo maps of all time; Sidewinder. So, is Destructoid gonna splurge $8.00 and buy the maps? Or wait until they're free, and force everyone else in FNFs to play the old maps with you?
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