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The Good Ol' Days

I logged into my dtoid account for the first time in a long while today. I perused my old asinine blog posts and came across this and realized how much I miss dicking around with you guys on FNFs. FUNDRY 4 LYFE.


My best friend died on Friday.

I'm thinking about wrapping her up in a towel. Make her sweat a little, think that'll bring her back to life? Or maybe I should send her away and get a refurbished friend 2 - 3 weeks later... RIGHT BEFORE THE NEW HALO 3 MAP PACKS FUCK ...



from the back: A Desperate Enemy. A Desperate War. Introducing the Halo 3 Limited Edition, in a unique metal case - the perfect addition to your collection. In this third installment to the epic Halo trilogy, the war is reaching its ...


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