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Efrain Pittenger


"Get up here and fuck me!" she demanded as I awkwardly sprang to my feet to avoid my hair being pulled out.

Any discomfort was quickly forgotten as she pulled me down into hard kiss. Letting go of my hair, Miss Ross wrapped her arms around my shoulders, her legs around my waist and guided me down to her pussy. We both moaned as the head of my cock slid through her wet lips and reaching between us, I grabbed my cock and held it still. Lifting her hips, she pressed her pussy to my cock and tightening her legs around my waist, drove me into her.

We both cried out as my hard cock slammed into her pussy. I moaned into her mouth at how hot and tight she felt. I held my cock buried inside her for a moment as her tongue drove into my mouth, then started moving my hips, slowly pumping my cock in and out of her sopping pussy best pinterest xxx

Breaking the kiss, she cried out, "I'm not your girlfriend, don't make love to me, fuck me!"

She emphasized those words by driving her hips into me, sending my cock plunging deep inside her. She continued to move her hips, fucking me more than I was fucking her and placing her lips to my ear, told me.

"I said fuck me! Use that hard young cock to fuck the shit out of me! Two years you wanted me? Then fucking show me!"

Her words sent a thrill through me and pushing myself up over her I began slamming her as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she screamed as I fucked the shit out of her.

I was pulling my cock all the way out before thrusting deep inside her again and she released a loud yelp each time I did. Grabbing her legs, I pulled them from around my waist and lifting them up, placed her feet on my chest and started fucking her even harder. She threw her head back and cried out as I drilled my cock repeatedly into her pussy. Spurred on by that reaction I grabbed her ankles and lifted her ass off the loveseat.

With her ass off the couch, I leaned forward, bending her legs so far back her feet were almost even with her head. At that angle I was plunging even deeper into her and she screamed  my free cams

"Oh my fucking God, you're fucking the shit out of me!"

That caused me to go even harder, I was slamming her so hard I could feel her juices squirting out around my cock and dripping down my thighs. Her pussy was making wet sucking sounds every time I pulled out of her and again when I drove back in. Miss Ross looked as good as she felt. Her tits were bouncing wildly as I fucked her and her sweat slicked black hair was plastered to her cheeks. Deciding to try to give her more of a thrill I brought her legs together and wrapping my arms around her thighs lifted her higher and started fucking her even faster.

As she howled her approval, I turned my head and started sucking her toes into my mouth.

"Yes!" she cried, "Oh, Todd I am going to take suck good care of you for this! Oh, baby, look at you fucking your teacher's pussy!"

I gasped and shook the sweat from my eyes as I felt my knees beginning to shake. I didn't want to cum yet and started to slow down. Sensing what I was doing, Miss Ross moaned, "Oh, look at you, you good boy, making it last for me. Here let's slow down."

She pulled her legs down and I let them go. Sitting up, she patted the cushion.

"Sit down, baby, let me give you a treat."

My knees were so weak, I fell more than sat down. No sooner had I then Miss Ross leaned over and placing her head in my lap took my cock deep into hr mouth. I moaned as she began slowly bobbing her head and grabbing her hair began guiding her up and down. I slid my other hand down her sweat soaked back and ass and slipped my fingers into her soaking pussy. She moaned around my cock and I looked down watching her head move slowly up and down in my lap.

She released my cock and licking her lips purred, "Hmmm I do taste good on you!'

Standing up, she swung one leg over mine so that her knee was on the couch. Bracing her hands on my shoulders she brought her other knee up onto the couch. Straddling me, she reached back and grabbing my cock guided it to her pussy. Miss Ross let her weight go and we both groaned as she impaled herself on my cock. Pushing me back against the cushion, she took my face in her hands and kissed me again, but softly this time.

I moaned into her mouth as she began sliding her hips back and forth, slowly riding me. I relaxed and placed my hands on her hips. I pulled and pushed gently, guiding her hips as she teased my cock with her hot pussy. I didn't mind the teasing; I was catching my breath and was enjoying the slow sexy kiss we were sharing. Miss Ross was making soft noises in her throat as her tongue caressed mine and her pussy worked my cock. I slid my hand up her back and through her wet hair while wrapping my other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

I could feel her sweaty tits pressing into my chest and began to envision us showering together. Miss Ross pushed against my shoulders and sitting back on my thighs, raised her arms over her head as she rode me.

"How do I look Todd," she gasped, "How do I look fucking you?"

"Amazing," I whispered, then leaning forward took her nipple into my mouth.

She moaned and putting her hands on my shoulders closed her eyes and continued to ride me as I sucked on first one nipple then the other. Her pussy felt incredible and she was moving so slowly that the urge to cum had passed and I thought this was the experience of an older lover. Miss Ross was going to teach me a hell of a lot more than English tonight that was for sure. She stopped moving and sliding her legs down withdrew my cock from inside her and stood up.

"Breaks over Todd, time for you to fuck me in my favorite position."

Turning she crawled onto her hands and knees and resting her arms across the arm of the loveseat wiggled her ass at me."

"Come and get it Todd, hard and fast, I want everything that hot young body has to offer!"

I quickly got to my knees behind her and grabbing her slender hips, drove my cock into her so hard her arms slipped off the arm and her body surged forward. Undaunted I began hammering away at hr, pounding my cock into her as hard as I could.

"Oh my fucking God Todd!" she screamed as she put her hands on the arm of the arm of the love seat and bracing herself began to thrust her hips into my plunging cock.

"That's it baby! Fuck that pussy! Fuck your slutty cougar of a teacher, show her what a man you are!"

I began slamming her so hard my balls were slapping against her pussy and my hips were beginning to hurt from repeatedly driving into her ass. I gasped when I felt something brush my balls and looked down to see Miss Ross's fingers were rubbing her clit. I slowed down my fucking and watched as my glistening cock plunged in and out of her.

"Oh yeah baby," she moaned, let me cum on that cock, let me feel my pussy squeeze that young hard cock!"

I started to slow down more, but she cried out, "Did I tell you to slow down?"

"N...no ma'am," I panted.

"Then don't!" she called out, "Fuck me until I come, I got you off, you can las, you fuck for hours in your stories!" she laughed, "Come on 'hotforteacher,' show me how hot you are!"

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I resumed pounding the shit out of her, hoping she was so wound up she would cum before I would. As I thrust my cock into her I felt my knees shaking and knew I was going to lose the race. I was fucking her too hard and she looked so good I wsn't sure how much longer I could last. Looking down I saw her black hair stuck to her sweat slicked back and trying to turn her on more, reached down and grabbed it.

"Yeah!" she called out, "Pull my hair! Fuck me like the slut I am!"

Unfortunately her words turned me on as much as my pulling her hair turned her on and I gasped as I felt myself approaching the point of no return. I looked down again, taking in the sight of her amazing ass and as I felt the cum beginning to race through my cock, desperately plunged my finger into her asshole.

"Oh yes!" Miss Ross screamed.

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