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Product Review: Rock Band Drum Set Silencer

“Air strike motherfucker!” And with that enthusiastic cry, I was alerted to how thin the walls of my apartment were. Long the domain of squeaky mattresses and slamming headboards, gaming has taken its place among the various sounds...


Product Review: MayFlash XBOX 360/PC RGBHV VGA Switch

So the review for this came in a little late. I remembered I left my camera at a friend's house so I had to use one of my much older point and shoot digital cameras. Hopefully the picture quality isn't too low for you. Also, ignore the th...


The Other Product Review

I love a good deal. So much so I'm willing to spend money on a knock off to save a few bucks. Of course it isn't as easy as it sounds. Since a lot the gaming accessories you might find on eBay don't show the real name of the product or th...


Rock Band: Drop the Mic, Exit Stage Left

I aint gonna lie. I suck at the drums and cant seem to get past Medium on the guitar. Mind you thats with hours of going through the practice mode. I just dont have the level of manual dexterity these games require. I mean, just look at...


Where Words go to die?

Gather around children as I turn into an old man right before your eyes and tell you how things used to be when I was young(er). Back in the late 80's and through a lot of the 90's gamers would receive a bulk of news and reviews from gam...


Out of Sync

There's something going on in the gaming community this Friday that seems to have everyone on edge. I've seen people get into arguments, making curt comments, and CheapyD's unleashed some anger on this week's podcast. I'm just as guilty a...


Game not selling? Pull an Avatar!

So I'm heading to school listening to Major Nelson's podcast when Major mentions one of the many games he has to play through (Jumper - like the movie) and says that while playing through the tutorial 50 gamer points gets unlocked. As he ...


Self Improvement Center 01: Virtua Fighter 5 Online

I came into this kicking and screaming. There was something about the way the characters would, or rather wouldnt, respond to my requests. Like a stubborn child my character thought that it knew more than me and ultimately failed. I gu...


Trigger Heart Excelica Mini Review (XBLA)

Let the weeping and gnashing of teeth commence! There's a part of me that enjoys games like these. It's the same part that makes you play Ninja Gaiden BLACK or Halo on Legendary mode. But with these kinds of shmups we're talking about...


Achievements: How I Learned to Finish What I Started

Looking back on my gaming youth I realize that I didn't finish many games. Out of all the games that came my way, I maybe finished 2. Maybe it was due to the difficulty of the game or just my lack of dedication to anything in my life but ...


About phamtqone of us since 11:48 AM on 06.26.2007

The earliest memory of me and gaming was when I saw my father sitting at the computer playing King's Quest I. He had this extreme level of dedication to that game with hand drawn maps, personal notes, and hints from friends littering the desk. It was also my first foray in typing. Unlike the other kids at school who learned to type on Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, I learned from video games.

These days I'm extremely busy with school and try to fit in at least an hour every night. I try finding other gamers in situations like mine who enjoy gaming but don't have the time for those 20+ sessions.

I also like review gaming hardware that you find at your local china town. Knock off and bootlegs are awesome!

Currently Playing: Super Turbo HD Remix Beta, Puzzle Fighter, FIFA '08, Singstar, Rock Band
Favorite Games: Street Fighter series, King Quest Series, Space Quest Series, Progear
Coming Soon: Sengoku Basara X, KOF '98 Ultimate, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus