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Retroforce Failure [I suck] update

[Update: The WIP I was going to show is going to take a bit of time to process. To get it onto youtube I need to go through a few steps which are time consuming- plus I'm not happy with a good portion of it right now, however I will show what I have, tomorrow. I hope. Also, there is no sound :( ]

Hey guys,

Little back story - I love dtoid and the community and especially the podcasts, I think they're the best on the net (I've let them know, and am probably, now, legally restrained from the members of the shows). Anyways RFGO really got me back into my SNES and the dtoid community and I cannot thank them enough. That said I was just as disappointed by their 'BREAK!' as everybody else around here. I decided I would do something to commemorate their triumphant return. I have failed at doing so. I was working on an animation that would act as a sort of 'intro' if RFGO was ever an animated series- it was a lot of work but I enjoy it.

teaser image from the animation.

My dilemma though, is this: I actually have to work when I'm at work this year. Last year I could log all the 'tutorials' I wanted and could have knocked something like this out in 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately I've been swamped with multiple projects (work and not) and have found myself with little time to do anything else, let alone game.

I just want the members of RetroforceGO know that I still love them, I am looking forward to their return and I will finish this someday. I will post the WIP if anybody cares to see it (relatively early keep in mind).

Sorry for ruining the surprise- I suck (guess I should stop blogging then?).

Let me know if you want to see it.
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