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My Third PS2 has a different problem.

Sony's venomous saliva has left its burn on me many times: I've got a Vaio laptop which I now use to heat my bedroom. My first PS2 stopped reading discs, my second PS2 reads them when it wants too, and of course there are the numerous recalls which left me hopeful for new hardware, but ultimately left me stuck with the bad stuff I had.

Of course this opening paragraph may look like blatant flaming, but please consider that this is my THIRD PS2. I love the PS2, it's second only to the SNES- I need it, thus I keep buying.

As some of you may know, I recently jumped into a purchase prematurely on ebay. Well Here I am again.

I was stoked to see a slim PS2, with box, 2 controllers and memory card at a huge Garage Sale this past Saturday- I jumped on it. I was able to get the guy down to 50 bucks for the lot (he originally wanted 65-70 CDN). I was pretty happy with my purchase, and I still am! Don't get me wrong! I've just got another hoop to jump through.

There's no AC adaptor.

EB doesn't carry them. I called the Sony Store, they've got them for 30 bucks, they show up on ebay for as low as 5 USD, unfortunately shipping is never under 11 bucks and I'm not sure I really want to pay that much for an adaptor (especially since the last 2 things I ordered on ebay, still haven't come)

So here I am, trying to get through Beyond Good and Evil at the mercy of a shoddy PS2 and a lack of hardware.

As an aside, if anybody knows where I can get a cheap one- let me know!

Also, I just bought an imac- any games worth getting? Probably gonna bootcamp later.
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