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Misadventures on ebay- I want Pocky and Rocky!


The purpose of this post: Perri wants somebody to find Pocky and Rocky (SNES) for sale, or sell it to him, or give it to him or what have you

The Reality of the post: Perri will look rather ignorant and/or extremely stupid.

Destructoid(and the internet really) has changed my gaming habits severely. After falling in love with Retroforce GO my love of the SNES was reawakened. I had always held it up as my favourite console of all time, but I haven't had it setup for years. Needless to say, I went out and bought a second SNES and started looking for games to play on it. (I sold ALL of my games except Mario Paint. Needed money for Zelda:OoT) While I was able to get my hands on some real gems, I find myself addicted to retrocrack! I found classics like Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Adventure Island(amazing) at the same pawn shop I found the SNES and I needed more.

I turned to ebay. Some may say this is a mistake, but I find the site is pretty safe and all around awesome. Prices get ridiculous on stuff like Chrono Trigger, but I know my limits. I was able to get Mega Man X and Super Ghouls and Ghosts (not as good as I remember, ugh) for under 10 bucks...This led to an epic journey through the internet that I was not prepared for. I seem to be addicted to buying SNES games (I lose auctions a lot.) online, because its so easy! And games show up on your doorstep, which is just so much cooler than going to a store.

So here is where the misadventure comes in. After listening to the Goemon episode of RFGO, I was compelled to get 'Legend of the Mystical Ninja' (haven't had much time to play it). I don't know if it's the gameplay or the aesthetic but this game just reminded me of Pocky and Rocky SO MUCH! For those of you who don't know, Pocky and Rocky is sort of a 'cute em up' but also sort of a brawler. My memory is a bit hazy- all you need to know is that it was awesome!

I hadn't thought of the game in years but I remember renting it a couple times and having a blast. Naturally, I've been on ebay for days, looking for it.


I thought.

After bidding on two auctions that went too high for my budget, I was tipped off by the automated suggestions on ebay that there was another, it was 10 bucks and the 'BUY IT NOW' option was available!

I didn't hesitate, I bought it.

It was a manual.

International shipping $7

I spent over 17 dollars on a manual for a game I do not, nor have I ever, owned.

I contacted the seller and asked if he would refund me, or let me pick a game from his store that was of the same value, haven't heard back though.

If The seller can't do anything about this I would have not only wasted a good chunk of cash, but I will have the biggest reminder ever sitting in my basement! As if I didn't crave the game enough, now I'm going to be able to read all about what made the game awesome. Ugh.

Does anybody want to sell me a copy of Pocky and Rocky? Seriously.
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