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10 things you don't need to know about Chaos

[For starters this is my first blog. Yay me. I really have no idea what I want to say so maybe I'll post this and rewrite later.

1. I care more about comic books and video games than I do about reality.
Seriously, if you tell me your whole family died today, I'll probably try to think of ways I would tell your story in a comic. If that doesn't work I usually resort to playing through the conversation in my head like it is a video game. I have a few options to choose from...and let's see where each one goes. It is kind of a problem when I remember I don't have an eraser or a reset button for real life. I also think the alternate worlds we love so much are far more interesting than the one we live in. I am going to end up in a mental institution.

2. I love to sing and dance.
But I really suck at it. A lot. I wish I could do hip hop. Or belly dance. That would be awesome.

3. I have been out of the US.
I went with a student ambassador program to England, Ireland, and Wales when I was 13. When I was 11 I went to Austria with my parents on a snowboarding trip. I thought I was going to die. I have been to Mexico, Canada and St. John's. And I've been to a few places outside of Jersey.

4. When I was 9 I was chosen by the Pre-Teen America program as one of the 30 smartest girls in NJ.
I don't know what has happened to me since then but there's my proof. I was smart once. I don't remember a lot of it but I do know they made us wear dresses (ick!) and dance and sing. And I had to take this weird test that I guess I did well on. When they announced I was one of the girls they called me up on stage to ask me a question. You try being 9 years old on a stage with a few thousand people in front of you and some weird stranger asking you a question. Needless to say, I gave a stupid answer. It's all downhill from there.

5. I have never been drunk or high.
Except for being high on life!!...yeah right. But in all seriousness I have never done a drug aside from smoking a cigar once (it tasted good but I can promise you it was not weed). And I've tried a few sips of drinks here and there but never made it to the point of no return. I did use a long island iced tea to pretend I was buzzed and get on a stage with two other girls. Yes we all made out. Yes we were dancing. And yes we had our clothes on. But it was a fun club.

6. I wish I could fly.
But I'm terrified of heights. Yet I like to climb things anyway to prove to myself that I have nothing to be scared of.

7. I am terrified of the dark.
I do believe in ghosts and I absolutely believe in the boogey man. Put me alone in a dark room with myself and I might not make it out alive. Seriously.

8. I want to be an artist but I really don't know what kind.
I'm applying to Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art because I want to work on comics but my always growing obsession with video games makes me wonder if I wouldn't prefer something in this area instead. However I don't know jack shit about getting a job in this industry. I always liked the idea of illustrating children's books because I liked the idea of being able to influence young minds and possibly make an impression. I would probably get fired for trying to secretly make them all play video games...you know, things like little boys and girls with mario hats or triforces hidden somewhere on their clothes. I have no sense of direction I just like to draw.

9. I hate most girls.
I like to shoot things. I like violence. I enjoy knives, sharp objects, hiking, paintball, pain, horseback riding, cursing like a sailor, and intelligent conversation. Most of the girls I meet like gossiping, dressing up, and talking about things I just don't understand, like going to clubs and hooking up with random guys. Call me childish, but I really find most girls from Jersey to be boring. Or maybe it's me. Who knows?

10. Until recently I have never thought of myself as a gamer.
I have wanted to play video games since I was a child. In some ways I am grateful that my parents never allowed me to because it got me into things like playing in the mud, climbing trees, beating people up, and drawing. But for the most part I only played games with my best friends Zach and Shane. When I met my best friend Chelsea in middle school it might as well have been love at first sight. She is pretty much the reason my love of games continued to grow. My parents were kind enough to buy me a Nintendo 64 when I was younger, but never got me any games. So that didn't really work out for me. And then I got a PS2 (which I fortunately still have) and I've just been gaming ever since. I'll try any game on any console you put in front of me. And after continuing to make friends with more and more people who play video games and hearing Chelsea nag me I decided I guess I am one after all. That's why I'm here.

So this is me. This is my blog. I have nothing fancy to end with. ^^;;;; sorry!
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