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Work owns my soul

So I just got a new MacBook. Yay me? I'm trying to figure out how to use it. My real goal though is to install the Diablo games on it and Diablo 3 when it finally comes out. I also discovered yesterday that I'm apparently obsessed with Civi...



So I have always been kind of a pussy when it comes to playing anything remotely scary. Because of this I haven't ever succeeded in playing and of the Silent Hill or Resident Evil games, but I thoroughly enjoy watching anyone else play whil...


About perfect chaosone of us since 7:04 AM on 10.10.2008

I'm really new to anything relating to an online community. I'm also retarded when it comes to computers. But, obviously, I love video games. Why the hell else would I be here? I own a 360 and a PS2 and a metallic pink DS (I love Nintendoll!!!!). I used to have an N64 but it broke.

I love RPG's and I think I'm starting to really get into first person shooters. L4D is my new obsession, but I will always love Final Fantasy. I started with FFVIII but sadly never got to beat it because I was only borrowing the game. Then I moved on to play FFX and did beat that. I have also played through FFVII, which may very well be my favorite. It's hard to say because I did start with VIII and it was good shit.

When I think of anything else that's interesting I'll add it. I am a loser.