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SHORTBLOG: Got A RRoD 360? Love Fighters?

THEN MAKE A GODDAMN ARCADE STICK OUT OF IT. First seen on TechEBlog, a modder by the name of Seppun decided to make a lemon into high-quality lemonade by gutting his old red-ringed 360, and turning it into an arcade stick. Now, persoanll...


[NVGR] Pendelton Steals craineum's Son...

...well, I believe that's what this Portuguese site would have you believe. So, being bored this evening, I decided to do what any petty internet user does for fun: I Googled myself. Well, not my full name, just "pendelton21". As I was goi...


Pendelton's Thoughts on Hugs

Ladies and gentlemen, we have witness an unprecedented event in Cblog history: The Weekend of Hug. From all around the world, members of this community have gathered, for whatever reason, to discuss who they have hugged, and the conseque...


9 (short, nvgr)

Normally, I wouldn't post something like this, as I'm more a man of well-thought-out, VGR blogs. But, I have to post this. It's a link to a movie trailer for 9, the next Tim Burton movie. I'll only say 2 things about this: 1.) I got a chil...


Pendelton's 2008 Games That I Really Liked

Well, it�s that time of year, folks. The yearly running of the Cblog flamebait posts, i.e. GOTY posts. Normally, I don�t make anything like this, because most years have either not had that many great games, or most GOTY lists have done rig...


Tactix Is My New Best Freind

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS ROUGH. Finally, after 4 labor-intensive, caffeine-fueled, hallucination-filled exam days, I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL! No more classes, no more grades, nothing. So, I was able to move back home last night, and enjoy a nice meal ...


Pendelton Watches The VGAs

NO! Thanks for showing me prettier footage of God of War 2, assholes. NO! Awesome. He had a shitty performance that played shitty footage of his shitty game in the background. NO! Well, let's be honest...there's no way to possibly mak...


The CollegeGamer Podcast Episode 1: Sonic

RACIST!!! Last night, a few gamers came together over a Skype chanel to talk about games. Luckily, I was one in the group, and even luckilier (...what?), we recorded the event for people's enjoyment. So, to everyone on the internet, I'd l...


Hamza Loves Me, Gives Me Ninjatown Stuff

Ok, that may be a bit of an exageration: Hamza doesn't know me well enough to love me (oh, but give it time). A while back, a few Dtoiders won a Mirror's Edge "CD" containing music from the game. We were notified of this by Hamza. Then, a f...


Level-Headed: Turbo Tunnel

I grew up in a relatively strict Catholic household. I went to a private Catholic school, said my nightly and before-meal prayers every day, and got up each Sunday to attend mass. Even though I was the model Christian, every day, after sc...


Pendelton Enjoys A Night Of Nerdcore

So, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine came up to me, not saying a word, and shoved this into my face: Needless to say, it was one of the greatest things my eyes have ever come into contact with. I'm a monster Nerdcore fan; it's as if my ...


Level-Headed: Ye Olde Royal Odeon

This might come as a shock to some people, but, I actually like Guitar Hero and Rock Band for reasons more than just music. Yeah, I know, I know, the music is the main draw, but, for some reason, I�m also rather enamored with the venues y...


Level-Headed: The Homerun of Death

BOO! Gotcha, bitches! To get in the spirit of the Halloween season, I decided to dedicate this Level Select to one of the scariest levels I�ve ever played, from a game many of you might not have heard of. But, before we get started, a wor...


Pendelton's Perler Creations

Hey, all. I just realized it's been a while since I showed off some Perler pieces I've been working on/finished. Since I love showing off my work, here's the best of what I've done recently: This I did for a contest on the Bead Sprite For...


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My name is Pendelton (well, not really, but it sounds cool).
At one point in my life I spent a hell of a lot of time here. I came back for no real reason. Let's see if I can entertain like I used to.
Also, I've got a Destructoid tattoo. Ask me and I'll show you.

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