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A Review of...something

If you're a classic game lover, one of the best things in the world is a good garage sale. What's even better is a rich-neighborhood-wide garage sale WEEKEND, much like one my suburban neighborhood had last weekend. As I perused through stacks of old comics, knick-knacks from various world travels, and soiled stuffed animals (eww), I came across a house that, from the outside, didn't look like it could provide any gaming goodness.

But, oh, how wrong I was.

You see, within the confines of a shitty garage sale, I found an amazing gaming treasure I will hold dear to me for the rest of my life: A Super Joy III plug-and-play game set.

Yeah, my eyes bled a little, too.

The games range anywhere from pretty cool, to dumb, to just plain odd. The original Contra is the first game on the list, and it starts off with a level select on the opening screen. You also get 1942, Arkanoid, Mario Bros., Super Mario, Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Clu Clu Land, and a few other well known games. For the most part, these are fun to play, and play as well as their originals. The only major change is the opening screens, which have been wiped clean of their production companies and any copyright information (but, that's to be expected). On the dumb side of things, there's a bunch of games with newer game titles attached. For instance, there's a shitty kung-fu game called Tekken, a WWF fighter with a knight and a Hindu god as wrestlers, and Toy Story, where you play a doll riding on the back of a horse in a circus tent. I can't make this shit up. As for the odd games, there's Donkey Kong Jr. Math renamed Calculator, Bird Week, which plays like the dragon-feeding mini-game from Chrono Cross, and Milk and Nuts, which I can't really describe in words.

To be honest, when I picked this up, I thought It'd be a dumb little system I could review for some laughs. But, honestly, I'll still play this system for a while. The almost console-perfect ports of some games are fun to play, since I don't have the originals, and I'm still going through laughing at the pure shit games. If you ever see this in a mall near you, pick it up. Worst case scenario, you can pass this off as a birthday present for your retarded cousin.
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