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Level-Headed: Mission 2 (Metal Slug 3)

What makes a great zombie? That really depends on who you ask. Some will say that the Romero-based ghouls are the best; shambling creatures devoid of thought, driven only by their hunger. These beasts-once-human are analogous of the very ...


The Great Dtoid Drought of '09

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope this news finds you well. I am contacting you with what limited resources I have left. In case you didn't know, for roughly the past two days, our beloved Destructoid.com was stricken with some sort of grave t...


Celebrating Thanksgiving in The Wasteland

Time to carve the bird! Saying that I�m thankful that Fallout 3 exists is putting it lightly. After having a run-in with it last year, I picked up the GOTY edition earlier this month. The game has taken control of my life. So much so ...


Animals Cooler Than Their Video Game Counterparts

Animals are awesome, aren�t they? Fluffy, scaled, terrifying, gigantic, wonderful creatures of all makes and models are around us every day. So it would only seem natural to imbibe these creatures with features that would make them good vid...


Level-Headed: Pelican Bay

As wonderful an experience as PAX was, something was missing. Going to Seattle, I knew, in my heart of hearts, I was gonna be able to sink my teeth into news about the 3rd installment of my favorite downloadable series, On The Rain-Slick ...


Pendelton's Post-PAX Pontifications: Welcome home.

Suddenly, a god-like voice boomed out over the masses. �Ladies and gentlemen,� it spoke, �PAX 2009 is now open.� �Welcome home.� Ain�t that the fucking truth. PAX 2009 has officially commenced, leaving me feeling the same way someone mu...


Why I love Destructoid

Because, within 5 days of asking for a tattoo design, not only did the community (including the beautiful, awesome Mikey) oblige, but Niero fucking agreed to fully pay for it. Awesome. Also,


Level-Headed: Industrial Castle

It seems the end is in sight. After days upon days making my way through this treacherous kingdom, I�ve made it to the Industrial Castle, holding place of the Princesses I was tasked to retrieve. Before me stood a bastion to all things me...


Level-Headed: The Milkman Conspiracy

[Finally, after a long, unintended hiatus, welcome back to Level-Headed, showcasing the best levels in gaming! As usual, I�m your lovely host Pendelton. Now that things have gotten to be a little less hectic in my life, I�m coming back on a...


RTS Movie Review: Double Dragon

AND WE'RE BACK! Ladies and gents, if you recall, last year I did a Real-Time Suck Movie Review of the god-awful video game movies Stay Alive and Gamebox 1.0. Well, in honor of the Mortal Kombat Podtoid this week, I thought I'd bring back ...


The Destructoid Tattoo: An Update + Mega Man

Um...wow, it's been a long, LONG time since I've posted anything here. Well, this is a good enough place to start; an update on the Dtoid tattoo I'm getting at PAX. Oh, yes, I'm still getting it. As some of you might remember, I had a cont...


Backwards Compatible Podcast Recording Tonight

As always, being that it's Sunday, it's time to ask the handsome devils of the Backwards Compatible podcast some questions (C WUT I DID THUR?!?!!?). So drop us a line (or...comment, I guess) below, and we'll try our hardest to muster up th...


The Gaming Gourmand: Videogame Food I Wanna Eat

Chef Pendelton, at your service. One of the most important things in life and gaming is being well-fed. In life, a good meal regenerates you, makes you feel whole, and heals what ails ya. Same for games. Without foods in games, you�d neve...


Kotaku Enters Mr. Destructoid Into A War!

The Kotaku Robot Wars Wow, this is interesting: Apparently, Brian Crecente's Hair Palace is running a competition between the 35 greatest robots in the gaming world. Of course, the usual suspects are there: Thursday, Mega Man, Robo, KOS-MO...


Happy birthday Mr. Peendletonghnn

...OH WAIT THAT'S ME. OMG I AM SO DRUNK Fucking shit, ladies and gents. I have been drinking ym thursday night wawy while paling GH/WT, adn i'm watching venrute brothers while eating delicious almos cake. Its beenn a good dat. sHIT IVE P...


Fear and Respect: Where'd it go?

I decided to clean out my room this week. Basically, just get rid of all the shit I've been accumulating in the room since college started. I found things I didn't even remember I had: 2 old DDR pads, a Frylock plush, some books, etc. Then ...


Pendelton Has A Wonderful Time at Wonderfest '09

Holy shit I can rhyme. This past weekend, in the lovely city of Louisville, KY, I attended my first sci-fi movie convention, a little event called Wonderfest. Earlier this year, my parents decided we should go on another family trip, sinc...


Other Worlds Than These: Arcadian Skies

My second home. Ever since I (and many other people like me) was a kid, I wanted to be an explorer. I wanted to be the first person to set off from some destination and discover some gorgeous, untouched destination, or a magical force the...


Vote For The Destructoid Tattoo

Well, after more than a week of berating this community for entries, it's finally time to vote for what beautiful piece of art will be tattooed on my body! For those that haven't heard what all this business is about, just check out my prev...


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