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The Little Big Bunch Indie bundle DOES have DRM


A couple weeks ago, Destructoid gave us a preview of a couple Indie bundles that would be coming our way. I was particularly excited about the Little Big Bunch, because it contained the PC version of Explodemon, which I loved on the PS3.

As you can plainly see on their web page, both Explodemon and Munch's Oddysee are listed as being DRM-free, which is part of the appeal. I downloaded the bundle, and I was immediately asked to be on the Internet and logged into a bundle-specific account just to INSTALL Explodemon, and to even download the installer for Munch's Oddysee. This, as you no doubt are telling yourself right now, is definitely DRM. But when I complained about it in an email, this is the response I got from the people running the bundle:

"DRM has got nothing to do with Internet access. Most games nowadays have some form of multiplayer option which requires Internet access. Once youíve installed your game you are free to do with is as you like. You can re-install it, pass it to a friend, whatever. However, what we canít do is simply shove the files up on an open server somewhere and ask you to help yourself. That would make the games freeware or shareware, which they arenít."

Interesting, seeing as how both of those games are offline, single player titles. And didn't they just describe exactly what The Humble Bundle does all the time?

After downloading the installer for Munch's Oddysee, you won't need an Internet connection ever again, and after installing Explodemon, you can literally just copy and paste the installed folder to another computer and it'll run fine. (I actually just made mine a giant .zip file.) But that doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean they're DRM-free.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this information out there. It's nice that they're doing a charity thing, but it really is false advertising for two of the five games in the bundle. Charity may be good, but The Humble Bundle this ain't.
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