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My Big-3 E3 thoughts (this will be short)

Okay, so all three conferences from the big three were boring this year. I don't think anyone can really deny that. So this is how I felt about each one individually:

MICROSOFT: They were terrible. I don't really know what else to say about it, it was a horrible show. I've been thinking of getting rid of my 360 for a while, and if this new Game Genie for the PS3 really lets me back my locked saves up, then I'll have no reason to keep the Xbox. Microsoft didn't say or do anything to change my mind.

SONY: Also a boring conference, I think. Although I do have to say that so far, The Last Of Us is easily my game of the expo. Naughty Dog is one of the only developers that knows how to deliver the whole package this generation, and it seems like they have no intention of slowing down. I thought Sony's fighting game was WAY too similar to Super Smash Bros., but then again, the Wii U Pro Controller is similar to the 360 controller, so it's not like Nintendo doesn't "borrow" ideas, too.

NINTENDO: While the conference itself was boring, I thought the games that were shown were great. The Lego game took me COMPLETELY by surprise, and I'm eager to get my hands on that now. I also like how Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition is holding up, and ZombiU may be a preorder game for me. I can't really understand why people are ragging on slightly older games coming to the Wii U -- If there's enough of an improvement, I think it's well worth it, especially for people like me who never picked up a few of them.

I'm also excited about how well the Wii U GamePad is coming along. There are a lot of people on Destructoid who seem to think it's going to be gimmicky, but think about it: It's a traditional controller with a touchscreen. That makes it a traditional controller with the ability to be faster than a computer mouse as far as menu selection goes. I'd say you can't really lose with that combination. Not only that, but Nintendo made it very clear that the Wii Remote and Nunchuk would still be useable, as will the Wii U Pro Controller. If you legitimately aren't excited about what Nintendo showed, that's one thing, but the complaints about the controller are unmerited at this point, since there will be a useable control scheme for everyone.

Well, there are my yearly two cents. The conferences overall were very boring, but unlike a lot of people, I'm totally sold on the Wii U at this point. Multitasking, video chat, and HD graphics in first-party Nintendo games. I don't need anything more.

What did you guys think?
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