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Making a case for the Wii U Basic Set



I don't think I need to reiterate how excited I am for the Wii U. With Nintendo actually willing to publish things like Ninja Gaiden 3 and Bayonetta 2 -- something that would NEVER have happened this generation on the original Wii -- I think this console is really going to be something special. It seems like Nintendo has finally found that happy medium that will keep both the group of people who grew up with them and the group of newcomers introduced to gaming with the Wii happy, and my hype level is officially through the roof.

Two different flavors of the Wii U console will become available on Nov. 18: the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set. The Basic Set includes a white Wii U console and GamePad, 8GB of internal storage, an HDMI cable (which is awesome, if you ask me), a sensor bar, and all the electric plugins. The Deluxe Set includes a black console and controller, 32GB of internal memory, and everything else that comes with the basic bundle, but with a few additions: Nintendo Land, the Wii U's equivalent of Wii Sports, is also included, meaning only the Deluxe Set gets a full game right out of the box. You also get stands for both your console and GamePad. The Deluxe Set also comes with an interesting premium subscription to the Nintendo Network, which gives you 10% of your digital purchases back in credit that you can spend on future digital purchases.

I initially had the Deluxe Set reserved at GameStop, and eventually decided to change my mind and go for the Basic Set. This is an odd move for someone like me, because I feel like if I'm going to buy a new gaming machine, I should get the best one that I can. So why would I get the "poor man's" Wii U instead of the bigger bundle?

1. I don't need the extra internal memory, and neither does anyone else, really.
Reggie Fils-Aime recently said in an interview that right out of the box, the Wii U will support external USB storage solutions. I think it's safe to say that everyone reading this has at least a portable flash drive. The reason this is better than extra internal memory is because if you want to take your data to a friend's house, or if you just want to simply back your save data up (something I do literally on a daily basis), you can just pop your USB device out of the system and you're good to go. Flash memory and external hard drives are dirt cheap now, too, so chances are you can put that extra $50 toward a hell of a lot more than an extra 24GB.

2. Nintendo Land is going to be a glorified tech demo.
I loved Wii Sports on the original Wii, but I'll tell you this much right now: There's absolutely no way I would have paid $50 for it if it had not come with the console. I'm sure Nintendo Land will be a lot of fun, but we all know its main purpose is to show us all the different ways to use the GamePad. I'd rather put that money toward a full title for my new console, since the system's launch lineup is actually quite impressive.

3. I don't buy digital content on consoles.
I'm not going to go into my hatred of DRM here -- If you've read pretty much anything I've ever said on Destructoid, then you know I can't stand it. This is why I've never really considered buying much digital content on consoles. There have been horror stories about having to move credentials to new consoles after old ones die, not being able to get games to work correctly on friends' consoles, and, most recently, Sony lowering the PSN account activation limit from five systems simultaneously to two. I don't even buy much digital content on the PC unless it comes from someplace like GOG.com, or if, once in a blue moon, it's DRM-free through Steam. The reason I think consoles are STILL the best places for gaming (although I see that changing in the very near future) is because you can't beat just putting a disc into a drive and being able to play immediately. If I buy more than a couple digital items on the Wii U, I'll be absolutely shocked.

4. Nintendo would be stupid to NOT let people subscribe to their premium service after launch.
Right now, we don't know what kind of digital content will be offered on the Wii U, and how much we will or won't be clamoring for it. I can't even begin to imagine that Nintendo would refuse money from people wanting to subscribe to the Nintendo Network's premium service AFTER the Wii U launches. I'd be willing to bet there will be some kind of system in place to allow Basic Set buyers to get the same digital deal that Deluxe Set buyers will be getting automatically.

5. I don't need my console to stand up.
Ooh, extra chunks of plastic! Moving on...

6. I prefer white electronics, and this is the only way to get a white Wii U right now.
Nintendo likes to make all their stuff glossy, and black, glossy electronics end up looking terrible. I actually sold my black Classic Controller Pro just so I could get a white one, since you can't see any fingerprints at all when you're done using it. I know this is probably really nitpicky, but I really do hate when I put a controller down and it looks like I just rolled it around in the dirt despite having had clean hands.

So there you go. There's just as long of a list of reasons to get the Basic Set as there is the Deluxe Set when the Wii U launches in just under two months. What about you guys? Do you have your preorders secured? What sets did you decide on?
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