DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC

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Sony giving away a free PS3 Bundle Pack

I was looking at the Sony website because I need to get my PS3 serviced and I noticed they are having a contest. All you have to do is create a two minute stating why the Playstation 3 is the best Next-Gen console! If you win you get an 80 ...


Viva Pinata at Burger King

I am not sure if everyone has seen this, but Burger King is promoting Viva Pinata: Party Animals. They have special toys, a website dedicated to the game and free wallpapers that you can download. Hit the link to get all your pinata goodnes...


Mountain Dew Game Fuel

I was watching TV the other day and I saw this commercial for a special flavor of Mountain Dew to coincide with Halo 3 release. I thought that there was no way that this could be a good thing. They are just pandering to us as gamers. Slap s...


Guitar Hero as an Air Guitar?

This girl does know that you have to press the button when you play; not just dance around, right? Anyway she is hot in a trailer trash kind of way. It is also great to hear her say that she is the boss of the guitar.


Transformers: The Game Review

Well I got fooled again. I loved the Transformers Movie, I have seen it twice and the second time was better then the first. Rachel Taylor is my new crush in life. So as I walked into Best Buy to get The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for t...


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