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Touryst (mini) Review - Switch


A lot of people seem to want to hear about the new indie game The Touryst for Nintendo Switch - but there's not much out there. Bought the game on release so I'll give a very brief impressions:

I've never heard of the publisher/developer Shin'en before but apparently they're fairly well known (I think). You  way play as a tourist Ia string of islands, solving puzzles like tied to a mystery.

It's like an old school adventure game in a gorgeous voxel style, although you control your character directly. Very laid back game, lots of little details to explore and things to do. Fun little details to play with.. try swimming swimming far out from an island. There's even side missions.

Nothing has taxed me too far yet - but puzzles are solid. Each island has it's own feel with little secrets to find.

Visuals are really nice. One of the better looking indie games yet on Switch. 60fps, very crisp and sharp in handheld mode.  It's has a strong blur effect in the distance.. much like Links awakening. This is probably for the best as draw distance on switch usually sucks. I actually think  it's a better looking game than Links Awakening.

Overall I'm absolutely loving it. Would definitely recommend so far. It's jumped right to the front of my backlog and hasn't left.

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