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Why Pachter is bad for the videogame industry.

Good ol' Mikey Pachter has had a controversial career and he has more than once had to apologise for his incorrect predictions. Whether his job as an analyst can be summed up as simply looking at past present and emerging trends, does forget the fact that he is voice carries some weight. Whether it be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you like or simply a suggestion, Pachter has an influence.

Now Pachter has always been called a corporate coondog in the sense that his loyalties aren't to the wider gaming public but to the self-serving interests of his clients. Which ever way you think about it is that Pachter goes too far.

Only recently did he complain about how people are whining over buggy games and at many games are buggy already. This is a clear example of how he doesn't give a damn about gamers. His voice is lecturing gamers instead of heeding their concerns. To him it isn't a problem that a product is substandard and faulty because it's all about the cear cut, bottom-line margins. So when he goes of to his clients he will be telling them to invest in whaterve simply sells. Now that is just business and it's fine to non-gamer clients, but when he decides to address the gaming public with such an opinion it can only stink of arrogance and stupidity.

Pachter is guilty of more than this however such as trying to provoke a change by repeating the views only he in is mind can have. For a long time he insisted that there would be a Wii Hd or a new successor and iteratiion of kind, and Nintendo shot him down every time. He kept making the timescale prediction that the Wii HD would be announced soon and when at E3 Nintendo didn't he passes it off as saying he was right simply because of playstation move.

Now again his opinion carried enough weight that perhaps even investors might have been keenly listening. A new console could potentially mean a sudden boost in Nintendo's profits or a fall. But a general new iteration does help boost sales a bit. So Pachter might have been stringing his own clients along all on his own incorrect hunches. This arrogance comes from Pachter's job at analysing trends, to him it would be inevitable that Nintendo would have to release a WiiHd to keep up with the graphical muscle of his counterparts. Widely ignoring what Nintendo said about creating a successor which has something "unique" or rather just a gimmick.

So here Pachter maybe guilty of raising some false hopes as any wind of a successor would make people doubt buying a Wii. This is a big reason that console makers keep silent, so in order not to hurt the sales of their current consoles. Now I cannot say Pachter may have an alterior motive to ruin Nintendo, but his rep and his credibility took a serious hit.

But back to what i say on the interests he serve. Pachter serves the investors who are out to make a buck. So in this case Pacter can only look in admiration of the gerat gouging arts of Activision and co. He was the one who has fully backed anti-piracy measures but never bothered to see both prespectives on why people pirate in the first place. It neer occurred to him that games were being bought pre-owned or stolen because gaming had gotten too expensive. No, instead Pachter likes to predict high prices and he was pretty correct on the 3DS price only to later lament it should've been higher. Pachter seems to be a driving agent in the rising inflation of video game prices and costs.

Again when arguments are made over pre-owned games he grins moronicly at the idea of double-dipping and unfair pricing because "more money!" in the words of Harry Enfield. Once again he continues to see the full persepctive that per-owned games fund the habit of the hardcore gamers who buy the game new in the first place. It is simply spreading the cost out a lot more and keeping the games in circulation.

Pachter is always obsessed with how games will be payed for and these so called micro transactions and he particularly loves the idea of subscription gaming. Once again this is simply for his petty optimising profit strategy to the chargrin of average folk.

It's these dangerous ideas that exist which totally fail to consider the wider picture. With subscripton games there will only be a few games that people would biother buyigng. Afterall subscription games usually take up a lot of player time. This ofcourse is the attitude that the few studios get even more profit whilst loads of other developers suffer.

Pachter is very much a fan of monopolies in this case or cartels even.

So really I think Pachter is an alround bad influence on the gaming indusryr. One-sided views combined with profound stubborness combined with serving the interests of a few mean that Pachter is a true bane on a industry that manages to please so many.
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