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Motion Blur == Headache



I didn't really notice this until playing the Crysis 2 demo. When running there is motion blur. Which is self explanatory. When you run, the stuff around you blurs like your driving 200 mph down the road. This gave me a headache after about 30 minutes of playing. How come when I am running the stuff in my peripheral vision doesn't blur, but yet walking in this game will blur everything around you.

I noticed the same thing in Homefront. I had to turn it off for the sheer fact that when moving the only visible spot on the screen was a 2"x2" square. This made it extremely hard to concentrate and when moving extremely hard to see or shoot enemies. In games like Homefront and Crysis 2 seeing the enemy is important as its really easy to die.

If these games are going for some realism, then why do they add motion blur? My character isn't running 60 miles per hour and looking directly at the ground when running.

What are your thoughts on this?
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