DeS: FaZe Clan sued by FAZE Apparel for trademark infringement

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Motion Blur == Headache I didn't really notice this until playing the Crysis 2 demo. When running there is motion blur. Which is self explanatory. When you run, the stuff around you blurs like your driving 200 mph down the road. Th...


Homefront Review

Kaos Studios and THQ have teamed up to make Homefront, a futuristic shooter, all that it can be. Kaos Studios outsourced the PC version to Digital Extremes who are responsible for ports of Unreal Tournament games and Bioshock. How does this...


Crysis 2 Graphics Don't Impress

I downloaded the demo through Steam and was excited to play Crysis 2. I get on and crank everything as high as the game will allow. I stayed steady at 60fps with V-Sync on. WHAT THE HELL? Why didn't my PC cry out for help? Why didn't my wal...


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My name is Steven James. Owner of Intense Gaming TV. We do game reviews. I got into gaming when I was 4-5 years old. Parents let me play Duke Nukem on our PC. Always loved it, and enjoy being part of the community at large. Besides all the gaming, I try to stay active (outside the house) because health is something we should all care about.