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well hello there Dtoid. Names ouzy and ive been coming to destructoid alot over the past couple of years. I think I began coming hear heavily after Jim Sterling's review for Assassins Creed and wanting to give him a piece of my mind but then after actually reading the article then reading some of his other work fell deeply in love with this site. I visit it it at least forty bajillion times a day and I try to read every article concerning consoles and games that I own. I guess I started gaming when I was 5 to 6ish beating super mario for the snes for the first time . I got my first console which was the psone when I was 8 and it came with a cool boarders demo that I fell in love with and played 20 times a day. My favorite genre of video-games are Rpgs and I didn't realize this until I played kingdom hearts for the first time when I was thirteen. After my friend had explained to me who all of the characters were and the reason they were awesome then lending me his own copy of final fantasy X which was the first Final fantasy I ever beaten and I would go on to play ff7 8 X-2 ff3 and ff4 for ds in that order and many more rpgs from different developers after that. Ive owned all consoles a some point but as of right now I have a ps vita , ps3 and 3ds. im open to game discussion and anyone who wants to talk my psn is ouzy111 if you wanna add me hope to talk to u guys soon